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“Pioneering alkaline diet to enrich lives in better prospect”

Dr. Vidushi Agrawal

Alkaline diet is the ultimate solution for a better Health & Lifestyle: Says Dr. Vidushi Agarwal

“Home-cooked food is better for you, don’t ask for street food”, this is a common dialogue we’ve heard from every Indian mom for decades. And there’s a strong reason to take it seriously now. Dr. Vidushi Agarwal, Pioneer of the proven Alkaline diet in India and having a presence across the globe has something to say about our current lifestyle and diet which we consume on daily basis.

The medical fraternity tells us that, around 80% – 90% of illness lies in our intestines and regular meals. Living in the world of 4G network, we have doubled our speed of working in almost every aspect of life. Whether it is farming, cooking food, or carrying out our given job, we have implemented everywhere the term speed. Living in this fast-moving world, we are erasing the real meaning of life. Our diets have become unnatural and unhealthy, which is badly affecting our body and work efficiency.

Centuries back Indians were having simple yet effective meals in their regular diet. No fancy and highly acidic food was on the consumption list. Dr. Vidushi states that our unhealthy dietary pattern and stressful work-life clearly showcase what we are going through. Excess weight gain, feeling tired & lazy, indigestion are some of the reasons to point out from our daily problems. Working for hours, sitting in one place in front of your laptop or desktop has increased the chances of getting overweight, having abdomen issues, and mainly feeling tired and inactive.

Dr. Vidushi is a well-qualified dietician with a high number of her patients recovered from multiple chronic diseases and illness. She kick started her journey as Homeopath two decades back, later in the year 2008 she turned her interest towards a better lifestyle practice and started practicing as an Alkaline dietician and she describes her experience as “my journey till date has been with a lot of experiment and it was pretty smooth. What makes me happy is when my client follows the prescribed diet and they get cured without having any heavy medicine”.

Patient Experience

Dr. Vidushi has shared an experience with us, where she narrates how her client’s father-in-law got cured by just following her prescribed diet plan. This is what she portrayed “the lady’s father in law was in the hospital and had to undergo skin grafting due to high diabetes – the doctors said that his leg would have to be amputated if the sugar does not come in control within a week. And after prescribing the diet, on the 5th day, the couple calls me and says that the sugar was very much in control and the doctors have taken a decision not to amputee his leg”.

Indeed it was a proud moment for Dr. Agarwal, but she simply states that “the credit completely goes to the natural alkaline diet it did everything”. She further added with a statement that, “one who follows Mother Nature – mother nature will definitely protect all her kids in the best possible way”.

Being a doctor by profession Dr. Agarwal follows the alkaline diet with 70% in food and 30% in exercise. She further mentioned there’s no supplement or any kind of medicine in her diet for many years. The alkaline diet requires nothing special, it mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, legumes, leafy vegetables, and alkaline-promoting food. It might sound simple and easy to follow, but considering the current scenario, it might get a bit tough for some.

Achievements and Awards

Dr. Vidushi has been felicitated with many awards to her name for:

■ Best Dietician & Nutritionist – For Mumbai

■ Sanman Chinh – Human Rights Organization

■ Most Inspiring Woman Achiever for Excellence in Dietetics & Nutrition from Mumbai – Blinkworld

■ Excellence in Diet & Nutrition – Indian Health Professionals Awards 2018

■ Excellence in Dietetics & Nutrition Award – National – International Achiever’s Awards Summit by Research Excellence & Academic Awards

■ Best Doctor in Treatment of Diabetes through Natural Cure – Delhi

■ Pratigya Awards for Social Awareness in Breast Cancer

Note: The list of Awards and Achievements is long, so we mentioned a few of the above.

Working for Society

Dr. Vidushi is a social activist too and has conducted several social camps and awareness programs PAN India. She mainly focuses on two major problems: Breast Cancer and Diabetes. Until the lockdown, in March 2020 she conducted more than 100 such awareness camps in a period of five years, where she counseled over one lakh people. According to the data published by the WHO (World Health Organization), Breast Cancer has the most serious effect on women’s health around the globe and this problem needs attention, unlike other diseases. The data says that, in 2020, there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685 000 deaths globally. As of the end of 2020, there were 7.8 million women alive who were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 5 years, making it the world’s most prevalent cancer.

The medical fraternity has concluded that diabetes is a non-reversible disease. India is the largest nation catering to millions of diabetes patients who overlook it and end up in severe issues. Other than that, Dr. Agarwal is addressing malnutrition which poses a threat for an agriculture-rich nation.

Message for Youth

Dr. Vidushi has a special message for the youth of India who gets attracted quickly to every trend of fitness they see. She advises, “Every youngster who admires and follows film celebrities, must consider some facts that – the exercise they are involved in, they have chefs and other helping hands to maintain their daily routine and diet, they even include expensive nutrition-rich food which is out of budget for a middle-class family”.

Hence, you should aim to follow a healthy diet and not land yourself in an unhealthy state. Always remember, every individual’s body is different and needs a particular diet and attention to detail.

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