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“India’s first AI based Eco-luxury Smart car wash Stations”

Drify car wash Station

Drify intend to design products that can be used for watering purposes. i.e

1. Drify smart Watering Station with the Eco- luxury car wash at parking lots with water tracking technology delivering professional car wash every day.

2. Water conservation needs which would help residential areas to accumulate the rain waters during the rainy season and then use the same water for their use for the next 6 to 8 months, which would save water and water bill.

Hence, Drify have introduced India’s first Water Smarter Station. It also reduces water bills and usage of water. Can be used for watering gardens, cleaning floors, cars etc.

Need of Drify:

Starting out as a dream, Drify Car Clean Mobile Station is motivated to become a true Made in India success story. Also to generate Employment, Enhance skill sets for an organized and quality daily car clean with microfiber based method.

Vehicles Daily Cleaned at your place to keep our best prices providing a great car cleans at a great value. Below statistics will give you the facts of our daily usage of water for car clean.

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Drify Services to Customer

Organized and professional smart management featured stations for Daily Car wash

  • Pocket Friendly
  • Saves Water
  • Quality Efficient
  • Online Payment

Drify People that matters

Founder : Dinesh Kanse Co-Founder : Rajendra Khopade Co-founder : Hardik Shah CFO : Sweta Makhwana

Drify Franchisee Opportunity

Drify are actively seeking company of like-minded individuals and corporate to work on products that helps in conserving natural resources at the same time helps in improving human lifestyle.

Seeking Partners Pan India

Business Revenue Model: Easy Referral and Business Partner system for mutual growth.

Training and Support: Product Training and online helpline is extended to manage customer relationship.

Innovative Product: Range of cutting edge products to build robust eco system.

Online Payment Option: Offer more convenience to customer by offering multiple mode of payment.

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