Drivezy, Inc: Next-Generation Car and Bike Rentals


What is Drivezy?

Drivezy is a next-generation car and bike-sharing platform. It is on its way to revolutionizing the way people buy and use cars. The founders of Drivezy imagine a future in which having a vehicle or a bicycle is no longer necessary. Today, Drivezy is India’s quickest-growing vehicle and bike rental company. Millennials nowadays do not believe in car ownership or upkeep. They believe in renting, enjoying, and having a good time. Drivezy (previously JustRide) is the largest automobile and two-wheeler sharing marketplace in India. Travelers may use Drivezy to rent scooters, motorbikes, and automobiles from locals.

The beginning of their journey

Abhishek Mahajan, Amit Sahu, Ashwarya Pratap Singh, Hemant Kumar Sah, and Vasant Verma are the founders of Drivezy. It all began when one of the co-founders, Ashwarya Singh, purchased a new automobile, which was involved in an accident quite early on. Singh didn’t use the automobile very much, but he still spent a significant portion of his pay on its upkeep. This inspired him to create a platform where people could hire automobiles.

Another motivation for the creation of Drivezy, then, was the fact that the majority of Indians cannot afford to purchase automobiles. He then discussed the concept with his college buddies, who are now co-founders, and started Drivezy in Bangalore in 2015.

Just Ride was the previous name for Drivezy. To extend and grow their user base, the team decided to include bikes in their product line in 2017. Drivezy operates based on a paradigm in which owners’ perfect cars and bikes are listed with them, allowing them to earn money even when the vehicles are not in use. Individual commercial vehicle owners are also enrolling with Drivezy to generate money.


The car owners’ lack of trust was the first and most significant roadblock for They wouldn’t let strangers hire their automobiles. Although Drivezy offers assurances, an aggregator model, peer-to-peer sharing, and user background checks, the Indian market presents a significant barrier.

Due to financial difficulties, the second barrier was the difficulty in leasing and purchasing automobiles.

Their services

When car owners are not using their vehicles, they may advertise them on Drivezy and consumers can hire them at any time. Users can take advantage of the following features:

  • Bookings may be made using the website or the mobile app.
  • The minimum age to book motorcycles and automobiles on Drivezy is 18 years old.
  • The cars may be reserved by the users on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. They also have the option of reserving vehicles with or without gasoline.
  • Drivezy requires a small security deposit. It might be anything from INR 0 to INR 999.
  • Drivezy offers a home pickup service to its customers.
  • Drivezy makes immediate compensation to automobile owners and reimbursements to customers.

Ashwarya Singh, CEO, and Co-Founder

He has been recognized as a standout CEO by Google in the Inaugural Developers Launchpad Accelerator class. He specializes in management, web development, logistics, and operations management. He developed UI and UX as a pastime. He is also a Batch S 16 Y combinator.

Industry Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Company size 201-500 employees
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Type Privately Held
Founded 2015
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