What is Durbin?

Durbin a next-generation IoT and AI firm focused on offering comprehensive services to equip businesses with a powerful IoT and AI ecosystem. They make it a point to integrate every aspect of their company and present it to clients on a dashboard to make better decisions to protect the client company’s future. The company provides hardware and software solutions that are technologically modern and AI-enabled to reduce business waste and increase profitability for the company.

Their Purpose

Durbin is an AI and IoT solutions company that uses technology to help businesses address real-world business processes and industrial difficulties. Their products assist businesses in making business decisions based on real-time data analytics available from their offices and production facilities, as well as improving existing processes through the use of technology. Due to poor data collection and analysis practices, businesses are unable to comprehend the true state of their operations and the variables affecting them, and Durbin assists them in researching, developing, and deploying tailored solutions to meet their demands.


  • AI Research and DevelopmentThe development of sophisticated sensors with automated data collecting and predictive analysis enables human-like operations to be performed with lightning-fast connectivity. It can be trained to analyze conditions and make predictions about human behavior.
  • IoT developmentThe company provides Top-tier IoT devices as industrial solutions for analyzing, driving, and projecting data to monitor and optimize industrial operations. Devices that are powered by AI may perform actions and make choices.
  • Consultancy in TechnologyDurbin provides product maps, technical models, and pieces of a product that deliver essential customer engagements, boosting customer experience and providing frictionless customer delight for industrial business operations. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Durbin helps in setting up a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website for the client company and creating appealing social media profiles. Combining the two helps the client company receive traffic from a variety of places.
  • Software As A Service (SaaS)While responding to business demands, incorporating technology into software enables enterprises to optimize their processes and tackle difficulties related to machine learning, product efficiency, and quality.
  • Solutions for AutomationDurbin provides automation solutions in industrial settings to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency while decreasing errors/waste, boosting safety, and bringing flexibility to business operations, resulting in increased reliability and profitability.


The Intuitive Organization Dashboard from RouteRocket provides a client company with a 360-degree perspective of your organization’s performance. Durbin’s platform syncs a client company’s FedEx MyGroundBiz account data and parses it into a clean dashboard, making data points easily accessible providing with superior insight into the business, making business operations super-simple and intuitive. Durbin ensures that the client company has access to all of their data including financials, human resources, fleet information, issues, and incidents so they can focus on expanding their business while Durbin takes care of the rest.

Managing a company’s FedEx Ground Fleet can be a pain, and having a 360-degree picture of their business is critical for realizing their full potential and gaining real-time business insights. Route Rocket enables a company to manage their business smoothly and efficiently while automating mundane and repetitive chores.

Kuldeep Paul, CEO

As an entrepreneur, researcher, and innovator, he thinks that developing new technologies and making them available to the general public will improve the world.

Industry Computer Software
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Kolkata, West Bengal
Type Privately Held
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