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“Innovating digital health approaches to support country’s health ecosystem”

In this covid-19 pandemic, every government needs help and support from some organization. Dure technologies are the one who launched the vaccine safety platform for India Cowin SAFVAC platform in collaboration with WHO and Govt. of India. It is an online module for adverse event reporting and monitoring for C-19 Vaccines and it was launched in Jan 2021. The system is currently being rolled as a national system catering to more than 400+ million citizens who have taken vaccines. Dure has been supporting various public health digital initiatives involving National health information systems, monitoring and evaluation, disease surveillance, eLearning platform, lab management, and many other digital innovations. Some of the key projects enabled through this solution include UNDP’s Cross Border TB Platform, WHO’s End TB App Suite to name a few. 

Dure technology also developed the COVID Kaya platform in collaboration with WHO and the Dept. of health in the Philippines. On 3 June 2020, the Philippine government’s Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) that was leading the COVID-19 response formally announced via Resolution No. 43 that it has adopted COVID-KAYA as “the convergent Epidemiological Surveillance system for COVID-19” in all healthcare and testing facilities. Currently, it helps monitor more than 10 million cases in the Philippines.

Their Innovation stack:

  • Digital health consultation and advisory: Over a decade Dure has developed strong practices for digital health consultation and advisory that includes digital health assessment, digital health impact assessment, and other digital health implementation framework.
  • Transforming last-mile communication and engagement: Adventof futurist innovations like conversational AI, Natural Language Processing, and Augmented Reality can completely revolutionize how communication between the client/beneficiary and the health system. Dure has a dedicated AI practice that focuses on leveraging the evolution of such technologies to maximize access to affordable health care.
  • Making reach through multiple channel plug-ins: Dure’s key approach is to design channel-agnostic integrated and configurable plug-ins to provide anytime, anywhere, and anyhow services without socio-economic barriers living up to the philosophy of providing health for all.
  • Data science, analytics, and predictive modeling: Dure has strong data science and predictive modeling practices with dedicated data scientists and modeling experts. Dure further strengthens its data science practice by partnering with the University of Gothenburg thus bringing world-class expertise in leveraging data science and predictive modeling principles.
  • Data collection, automation, and workflow management: Data collection and programmatic use are core to a countries health system strengthening efforts. Dure’s comprehensive smart-configuration set-up allows its implementation partners to build either a simple survey or a complex workflow-based process including monitoring clients through a care cascade in no time. 
  • Consumer acquisition, retention, and brand building: Hearing consumers’ voices and addressing their needs are key to consumer acquisition, retention, brand building, and overall success of a socially responsible company/institution. Dure’s comprehensive digital stack for consumer engagement leverages cutting technology innovations such as conversational AI, social media channels, and incentivization models to connect with the consumer at the last mile.

Dure Technologies is a digital innovation enterprise headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and it’s Innovation Hub in India and has Global footprints in more than +40 plus countries supporting more than 100+ digital health projects. Dure is a pioneer in leveraging cutting-edge digital innovations and futurist technologies to address the evolving needs of the country’s health data ecosystem. Dure has a pool of dedicated data scientists and modelers working in the area of hotspot mapping, early warning and response, estimation studies to name a few. This includes projects like COVID-19 Monitoring Tool, WHO’s Country Intelligence Portal, Access Accelerated Open Platform of IFPMA, RaceTB Platform, and many others.

Website- https://www.duretechnologies.com/

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