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At a time when physical design is primarily based on standard foundry IPs, we design deep submicron integrated circuits and full custom VLSI analog and digital circuits at the extreme edge of performance, density, and power efficiency for leaders in every industry – including foundational IPs and standard cells the majority of physical design firms use.

The state of semiconductor design

In the past, semiconductor design was a specialized field for creative’s and innovators, where chips were designed from the ground up and each chip pushed the bounds of what was possible in the industry.

With the advent of foundry-provided standard IPs, full-custom physical design gave way to putting together standard blocks provided by foundries (think LEGOs). This enabled firms to make chips for any customer, quickly, cheaply, and functionally.

Today, chips are LEGO creations, instead of the feats of innovation they once were. And when IPs are designed to work for any chip, they’re not optimized for the exact requirements of your specific chip.

The craft of DXCorr

We believe physical design is a craft, not a commodity – and for a craft, experience matters. From TCAMs, RFs, and SRAMs, to 112G SerDes, to high-performance instruction set processors; DXCorr has built components for every part of your datapath. There is no part of any modern chip that we haven’t already designed and shipped for a major, billion-dollar customer.

To further push the edge of performance, we’ve developed a spectacular suite of in-house software that automates even the most unconventional logic verification — without having to spending millions on testing it on actual silicon. As a result, we are the only firm in the world capable of implementing certain highly experimental techniques that will truly make the difference between a standard chip to one that defines the best-in-class for a given industry.

Custom physical design

DXCorr is the last independent stronghold for the art and craft of full-custom physical design or, as it was once known, semiconductor design. We know that the PPA of physical IP will determine the overall performance of a chip. The final frontier for performance comes from the countless degrees of freedom afforded by physical design — where everything can be optimized down to the shape of a transistor and placement of a wire.

In-House Physical IP Blocks

After over a decade of work on some of the most complex and demanding circuits in the world, we have an armory of best-in-class in-house physical IP, as well as the capability to design new full-custom IP to exact specifications, all to be deployed and integrated into the most powerful chip design available.

Full-Custom Design Services

If the IP required is not available in our extensive library of off-the-shelf IP, we provide concept-to-GDS full-custom design services, creating a highly-optimized, fine-tuned circuit, laid out transistor by transistor for maximum performance.

DXCorr is a provider of silicon-proven, leading edge Physical IP solutions in advanced process nodes such as 40nm, 28nm and 20nm, for a wide range of SoC designs used across a broad spectrum of performance oriented low power applications. DXCorr solutions include complex memory IP- SRAMs, CAMs, Multiports, memory subsystems as well as standard cells to meet the stringent Power, Performance, Area (PPA) requirements for your SoC designs targeted to advanced process nodes.

The portfolio of physical IP solutions also includes PDK and PCELL development for Mixed Signal designs and SoC hardening solutions from RTL2GDSII, utilizing DXCorr’s deep engineering expertise. combined with best-in-class tools. We are conveniently located at downtown Sunnyvale, right there on Murphy Street, one of the liveliest places in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Physical IP solutions, Binary and Ternary CAM, High-performance SRAM, SoC hardening solution, Multi-port register file, Smart Versioning system (DXVS), and MRAM

DXCorr develops driving edge physical IP arrangements in cutting edge process hubs for an extensive variety of SoC designs incorporating complex memory IP-SRAMs, CAMs, Multiports, memory subsystems, and standard cells.

The emergence of mobiles, tablets, smart watches and other similar devices gave prominence to power in ASIC designs. Providing the best PPAL (Power, Performance, Area, and Leakage-key metrics) in the least possible time is the challenge faced by every design house in the VLSI sphere. DXCorr is uniquely equipped to meet this challenge with our highly optimized physical IPs, specific custom blocks, and expert physical design teams.

Nirmalya Ghosh – CEO

We deliver on even the most demanding specs by developing various in-house tools that push the boundaries of the whole design process. This is driven by a design philosophy that combines the potential of Computer Aided Design with the algorithmic nature of IP development. With in-house software reducing layout generation time and a design team working to provide best PPAL using a suite of optimization analyses to reduce iteration cycles, we deliver best-in-class physical IP solutions across the full range of process nodes.

Our advanced Physical IP portfolio offers a comprehensive set of IPs covering Foundation IP blocks such as SRAMs, standard cells and I/Os for most of the building blocks of SoC design, specialized physical IPs -TCAMs, multiport register files, customizable datapath – that helps our customers build highly differentiated products for low power or high performance applications and custom PDK and PCELL development for Mixed Signal IC design.

Industry Semiconductors
Company size 51-200 employees
Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA
Type Privately Held
Founded 2005
Website:  http://www.dxcorr.com

Sources and references : http://www.dxcorr.com

Story by : Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company

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