Earth E-Waste Management

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Recycling e-waste with best environmental practices

Earth E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. is one of the premier service providers engaged in offering services for collection, recycling, reusing, reducing, recovering, and safe management, handling, and disposal of electrical & electronics scraps (e-waste). They work with their valuable clients to establish the best routes for the reduction, recovery, and recycling of a range of business and consumer electrical and electronic products. Their processes are designed to understand how best to utilize the resources of redundant electrical and electronic equipment through its direct refurbishment and reuse or the recovery of the materials it contains. Their ultimate aim is to help individuals, companies, and governments to ensure and provide a cost-effective model for complying with both their legal and social responsibilities towards the environment as well getting financial benefits from it.

Bringing together best practices evolved over a period of time, Earth E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. is focusing majorly on the below areas in India.

  • Controlling pollution & toxicity
  • Sustaining natural resources
  • Minimizing product lifecycle cost
  • Reducing carbon footprint

They are an end-to-end electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) recycling company registered with the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB). Their organization is the first and among very few organizations that have received approval from the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) for clearing all types of e-waste.

Their Services:

At Earth E-waste Management Private Limited they offer you a comprehensive range of services that include recycling of e-waste and refurbishing PC for NGOs and rural areas. Apart from that, they also provide onsite hard disk shredding and scraping. They promise you 100% data destruction and data wiping in an environmentally friendly way.

Here are the services that they offer to their clients:

  1. E-Waste Collection
  2. Recycling
  3. Refurbishing
  4. Data Security

Why Earth E-Waste Management?

Anything and everything that has got a battery, wire, or plug and runs on electricity, which is broken or obsolete and you are never going to use it again is an electrical or electronic waste, well known as e-waste or e-scrap. Out of millions of waste products, e-waste is one of the fastest-growing scrap products in the world.

As per the environmental groups and institutions, the way developing countries are trying to dispose of e-waste causes serious health issues, because of pollution. Also, some of the developed countries have adopted non-environmental friendly ways to dispose of the e-waste. All they do is sell the waste to the scrap dealers and they recycle it in an unorganized manner resulting in pollution.

The e-waste disposal problem has to be taken seriously and there is a need to deal with it with complete sincerity. So, when the world was looking at it as a waste, they saw an opportunity for it. They have all the potential to deal with this e-waste and save the environment. They provide a wide range of services in e-waste management helping people to get rid of their e-waste. Their clients include a lot of business institutions as well as individuals. They differ from others, as they focus on processing the e-waste products and turning them into useful things.

They, at Earth E-waste Management Pvt Ltd, make use of cutting-edge technology to handle the e-waste recycling process. Their young and dynamic team of highly qualified and experienced professionals makes the use of highly advanced techniques. They understand the requirement of their clients and work for them to provide them complete satisfaction. Their diligent, knowledgeable, and skilled professionals constantly strive to work towards the pollution-free green globe and pave the way for a clean and green future.


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