Eco-friendly products: Hot topic in the market (Part 02)

12. Eco friendly products Hot topic in the market Part 02 Best AI Based Surveillance Companies in India 2022

Our daily requirements for food are fulfilled by our motherland & farmers. Consuming healthy & organic food keeps our bodies disease-free. However, the marketers don’t seem to follow the same. As we take care of our bodies, we must care for the soil as well. We have already covered a list of eco-friendly products in our previous article “Eco-Friendly Products: Hot topic in the market“.

This article will cover “Why eco-friendly products are gaining heat in the market?”

Introduction to Climate Effects

We only have one planet on which we are currently residing. Other planets are under research for resettlement & expansion of the human race. Until the scientists & astronauts complete their research and come up with affordable space travel & planet migration possibilities, we need to keep our planet alive & healthy. Climate change is one of the most controversial topics for discussion. Not everyone agrees with this but has felt the call from the earth. 

Research studies suggest that if we fail to stop the ground’s rising temperature below 2°C, it will wipe off more than 18% of the global economy by 2050. It is a clear threat to every individual. The point is, what measures can we take to prevent this human accelerated environmental event?

Natural products, popularly conceptualized as eco-friendly products, regained their respect post plastic disaster. The industrial revolution popularised it, as the petroleum industry was gaining a spot of importance. As the Earth went on intensifying its disasters year on year, the idea of being in danger surfaced around the globe. That was the moment of alarm for the world. 

Climate change drivers 

Multiple factors contribute to the imbalance of Earth’s weather cycle. In the last couple of decades, the weather has shifted from bad to worse. Several countries witnessed natural disasters such as mega-floods, massive earthquakes, intensified heat-waves, high-speed typhoons & tornados, tsunamis, and droughts. The intensity of such natural events is rising y-o-y. Scientists & Researchers have declared a red notice for every coastline & asked to be prepared for the rise in sea level. 

Crude oil

Every human development demand is boosting the intensity of such natural calamities. Raising the economic standard is one of the hidden factors behind all the mess we are dealing with. As per the ground report, petroleum products & by-products have mainly affected this scenario. To know about crude oil & its effect you can check our article “crude oil extraction & its impact on marine life“.


Plastic is at the top list for mismanagement. Globally, plastic waste generation has doubled in just the last two decades. As per the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) data, the number has crossed 353 million tonnes by 2019. The reveal: nearly two-thirds of plastic waste comes from non-recyclable plastic, which has a life of less than five years. OECD’s 2019 data reveals that India processed around 13% of its plastic waste, which is near to the EU’s 14%. 

Mismanaged plastic waste is a headache for land as well as the sea. It is littered all around. Nearly 22% of the plastic goes untreated and ends up in dumping sites, which are burned later in open pits.

Policies framed to ban & impose hefty taxes on single-use plastics are not as effective as expected. Some 120 countries have implemented such practices, but the issue still revolves around it. Single-use plastic bags are mainly targeted; however, these do not contribute in large part to plastic pollution.


Digital is a new era of growth & prosperity. Internet connectivity has combined the world into a web of wired & wireless devices. PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and Cell phones have become a basic necessity of life. In such a developing digital environment, there is considerable growth in electronic devices. 

However, this growth has some toxicity. E-waste generation has shot up at a rapid pace. E-waste mismanagement led to several toxic materials leakage into soil, water & air. It has notably been under the process of evaluation & recycling to reduce excess mining. Hence, several components such as motherboard, mercury, plastic, and metals are recycled. 

Final thoughts

Nature has the ultimate power. Whatever we produce or manufacture needs raw material, which comes from the environment. We must not exceed the limit of our hunger. Respecting what we get and putting some limits on our demand is the only way to keep the climate cycle stable. 

Parag Ahire

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