Effetronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.

9. Rama Krishna Dasari - Effetronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. - 10 Best Trusted LED Lighting Companies in India 2022

Smart lighting solutions

Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1985, with its initial manufacturing product as an LED display board, Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008 company now has grown into a technology leader in manufacturing data acquisition systems, data dissemination systems, control systems, multilingual text, graphic LED display systems and LED lighting solutions in its unique way.

Effe is the fruit of years of R&D and sustained innovative efforts of Efftronics. Effe is a Division of Efftronics, carved out to showcase their single-minded approach towards building better living comforts, creating unforgettable customer experiences. Efftronics believes in delivering value to customers. Effe is not a business, it’s about relationships. More about the experience. Their continued efforts in creating Value led them to stumble upon features that a customer would cherish, recall and relish!

Their solution:

  • Smart Signaling: They Provide Solutions to improve the Safety, Punctuality & Productivity of train operations by monitoring the existing signaling systems.
  • Smart Building: They use state-of-the-art technology with a simple and secure wireless facility developed in-house. They unify all your electronic gadgets, lights, gates, cameras, door locks onto a mobile app.

Their Technology

  • LED Technology

The evolution of light by human beings dates back to incandescent light. Today, LED technology has proved to be the most efficient system. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor (electrical) device, that restricts current flow in one direction. Semiconductor diodes are comprised of two regions, one is the p region (positive charges) and the other is the n region (negative charges). When voltage is applied, the electrons move across the n region into the p region. During the process of an electron moving through the p-n junction, it releases energy. The dispersion of this energy produces visible light.

  • Smart Building

A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to monitor​ and control services such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, security, water, and other resources, ensuring the building operates at maximum levels of efficiency and removing wasted ​​​energy usage and associated costs. The optimal level of efficiency is achieved by continuously maintaining the correct balance between operating requirements, external and internal environmental conditions, and energy usage. It incorporates IoT solutions combined with matching software and hardware. A smart building saves energy up to 30%!

“They provide light, not lights”

True to our caption, they believe in giving an informed lighting solution to customers. They treat light as an important aspect of the working or home environment. Light makes all the difference, they will give a professional, scientific and well-engineered solution. They join you to build a solution for your place! Let light lighten up your lives, giving you an immersive experience. They like to give you total comfort. The right light for right work/place/person, low heat generating, no glare, facility to dim, facility to control remotely. They bring Energy efficiency with long life. They install and they serve. No third party between you and them. KNX compatible. Being a member of KNX, they measure up to the world’s best standards, making YOUR lights compatible with any KNX equipment to integrate.

Website- https://www.effe.in/

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