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Farming industry in India has the potential to feed 1/4th population of the world. But, still our farmers and farming industry suffers when it comes to grow the produce and if they somehow manage to grow then comes the selling part which is not that transparent. Farming business needed the support of technology which is being now provided by some ambitious startups of India.

eFresh value our hard working farmers and has solutions for the gap which has widen in past few years. Let’s have a look at what exactly eFresh has to offer:


With having a vision to reach the farmers at their doorsteps at the FDC (Farmer Development Center) locations, eFresh launched e-commerce platform exclusively for the region of Jagitial, Telangana state. Company is providing only popular products in the FDC region to understand the demand cycle.

Based on the experience of the FDCs, eFresh has ventured into a e-commerce mode to usher in ease of doing business for the farmers and the stakeholders. Both information accesses from the comforts of home and product delivery at the doorstep can be facilitated through this initiative.

A key feature will be the availability of services through the online mode. Creating awareness about the product to the services can be followed up to help the farmers make informed choices on advance booking, placing purchase orders and payment through digital mode.

For eFresh, the huge advantage will be to reduce the crowding in the Physical store with products, better space utilization, maximizing the offerings in each store and also extend various financial, marketing and advisory services through a phased manner over time.

Market Linkages

A vast majority of Indian Farmers are following the traditional supply chain where they sell produce in Mandi. They are least aware about direct selling to the supermarket, retailors or a community on a regular basis. eFresh has stepped in to procure and guide at FDCs.

Market Linkage Activities

• Identification of the farmers produce and linking with commercial and institutional buyers.

• Connecting the farmer’s organizations and the buyers to the supply chain through the aggregation of service providers.

• Facilitate the development and negotiation of contracts with buyers.

• Educating and creating value through development of packaging, branding and exposing the farm output direct to the consumer market or commercial establishments.

• Promoting good agricultural practices for production of pesticide residue free, quality food and linking the same to premium buyers.

• Enhancing farmer entrepreneurship through market linkages.

Financing Services

eFresh will help make FPOs (Farmer Producer Organization) more professional in their functioning through various interventions. In both leading to access to funding sources and also managing accounts, expertise is being built.

With the recent partnership with Samunnati, eFresh can get easy access to funding of FPOs. Similarly, it can advise how to get finances from Agri lending agencies, banks and FIs (Financial Institutions) too.

A customised accountancy service that helps FPOs, Agripreneurs maintain and manage their finances has been developed. By adopting it, FPOs will be better placed to raise funds from promoters as well as banks and other financial institutions.

Farmers Development Centers

Farmers Development Centers (FDCs) are one stop solution mainly established as a physical center in towns and villages to meet the variety of needs of the farming community. They offer both knowledge service and product information. There are currently more than 70 FDCs of eFresh across India.

Major farming in India is conducted in small towns and villages. As the internet connectivity expanded rural areas of India too got in to the mainstream business. But as the FPOs (Farmers Producer Organizations) and Agripreneurs are growing, several logistical and supply chain challenges have popped-up. These challenges mainly include, access to quality agri inputs, accounting solutions, business linkages, credit and technology upgrade.

After reviewing the situation, e Fresh has identified the root causes and developed a ‘Smart & Safe’ platform to provide the supportive ecosystem to the FPOs/ Agripreneurs under the umbrella of a Farmers Development Centre (FDC).

Digital Transformation

eFresh based on the ground realties in rural areas, the nature of transactions and the skill sets of staff working at the FPOs, leveraged customized , simpler and user friendly technologies for different needs of the FPOs . Guidance documents for statutory compliances are part of the solutions.

eFresh technologies will aid in digitizing all the data. It will help regularly update financial information as required by the financial institutions, investors, auditors, promoters. In addition, provision of need based online advisory services, prediction of agri inputs required and expected farm output can also be made.

Under the Digital transformation they provide services in the following list:

 eQMS (Quality Management Syaytem)

 eMerchant

 eFreshfdc.com

 eFarmery

 My farmer Mobile Application

eFresh Mission

• Increase in Farm Productivity / Income of the Farmers.

• Capacity Building through Exposure and Training.

• Empower Women Entrepreneurship

• Enhance Production of Safe and Quality Foods.

• Providing Market Linkage for Trading.

Company size:51 – 200 employees
Headquarter:Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Type:Public Company

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