Nearly the last thirteen years, ekgaon services have brightened the lives of over a million rural households in India alone. ekgaon is a one-of-a-kind ‘For Profit’ social enterprise that provides utility services to farmers, rural enterprises, underserved rural women, and the massive urban migrant labour population of aspiring consumers.

Who we are?

It is the first firm in South Asia to offer a mobile phone-enabled financial services delivery platform. The ekgaon One Village One World Network is a network that uses mobile communication technology to enable women’s self-help groups (SHGs) and small farmers in India thrive sustainably.

Its market connect platform,, connects urban buyers with high-quality ‘Direct from Farm Produce’ that is healthful, organically certified, and cultivated naturally from farms of small farmers.

The company’s headquarters are in New Delhi, and it has regional offices throughout India.

Expansion and motive

India’s rich culture and its bio-diversity create a magic known as Indian food globally. Our curries have colonised the United Kingdom while our spices have known to have bankrupted the Roman Empire. Drawing inspiration from India’s 5000 years old agrarian traditions and its food-diversity, EKGAON has created the ‘One Village One World Network’ across 10,000 villages over 13 years.

This network prides itself in respecting and nurturing India’s traditional knowledge, its indigenous wisdom and its spiritual principles that guide food habits across its diverse regions. EKGAON network works across agricultural value chains from production, processing to distribution in order to bring unique products from community-based enterprises. These products include organic produce, desi-pulses, rare-herbs, spices and staples to markets.

Over 9,00,000 women and 3,00,000 farmers use the site in India’s rural.

Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, co-founder/Director and Chief Executive Officer of ekgaon, was designated an Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow in 2008.

Fellows of the Ashoka Foundation are for life.

Leading social entrepreneurs who have developed innovative solutions to social problems with the potential to shift patterns across society are included on the list.

What we do and how we do it?

At EKGAON we work on day-to-day basis with small farmers, mostly women from tribal communities and food artisans to conserve, revive and sustain our bio-diversity and food heritage. We create value-added products using locally sourced food ingredients. Through our enterprise, we aim to build local community capacity to manage the value chain and create premium quality artisan food products.

At EKGAON we put farmers first. We strive to share farmers’ lives, their stories and encourage them to produce quality crops that are grown with labour of love. We bring these ‘authentic’, products to our customers. Our activities are done based on a value chain of TRUST. We build our trust through:

Join the one world one village network

The ekgaon One Village One World Network is a platform that allows you to take advantage of our sophisticated mobile Apps communication technology to connect your rural financial and agri-business, as well as your consumers and producers, to markets. is a strong platform that enables you to bring your women’s self-help groups (SHGs) and joint liability groups (JLGs) onto our platforms and provide them with a variety of cloud-based financial services.

Join now if you are a small, medium, or big microfinance institution looking to manage your financial services operations across a large territory.

The network connects producer organisations, corporations, and cooperatives that engage with small farmers or groups of small farmers to a range of services such as farm consultancy, inputs, value chain management, and market access.

Join the platform if you deal with farmers or if you are a buyer looking for big quantities of high-quality produce with full traceability and direct from the farm.

Small and big retailers can register for an account to purchase in bulk from our online “Direct from Farm” and “Organic” retail product lines.

Industries Information Technology and Services
Company size 11-50 employees
Type Privately Held
Founded 2003
Sources and references ekgaon
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