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“Guiding students and their parents in overseas education”

About Eleevate Overseas

Eleevate Overseas is a young and dynamic organization under the leadership of Mr Mahesh Parmar who believes in a specification based solution for students looking to study abroad.

An institution in which universities and countries are not a product, but an opportunity and an educational tool to improve life.

The counselling team is trained to provide the right guidance to ambitious students and their parents, rather than focusing on selling universities and countries to prospective students.


To become a preferred Mentor responsible for shaping lives through unbiased & honest guidance and support for overseas education.


To equip aspiring students with appropriate guidance and knowledge to eleevate their lives & write their own future.

The Team

Mr. Mahesh Parmar, Founder & CEO,

Mr. Mahesh Parmar brings the necessary knowledge and experience to create opportunities for students who want to study abroad and enjoy their life. This is due to more than 22 years of experience in various fields such as education, events and media agencies. He also worked specifically in the overseas education industry for more than 3 years, which led to the creation of Eleevate Overseas.

Darshak S. Padia, Co-Founder & CMO

Mr. Darshak S. Padia brings branding knowledge through the use of appropriate creative marketing and design strategies. He has 11 years of experience and has led teams in media agencies and educational institutions. He has worked for clients that include some of the industry’s leading institutions such as Sakal Media, Mindseed Pre-School, Vishwajyot High School, ICICI Bank, AP Globale and many more. He also has over 2 years of industry specific knowledge related to education abroad.

Rohit Naik, Branch Head

Mr. Rohit Basavaraj Naik brings quality teamwork and honesty to the company. He has a 3 year work experience as an aircraft maintenance engineer for two of India’s renowned airlines and also has the curiosity to learn new things that led him to Eleevate Overseas. He has always had the vision of guiding students to choose a correct path for their future, so to keep it intact with the guidance of our founder, he is running Kharghar branch and helping students write their next phase of the life.

Riddhi Ladva, Operations Manager

Ms. Riddhi Ladva brings excellence in knowledge, communication and support. She has been helping and supporting students for over 3 years. Her deep knowledge and understanding of students’ needs and concerns makes her an integral part of the company and a strong pillar of the backend team.

Mehak Surve, Career Counsellor

Ms. Mahak Surve introduces the quality of punctuality and honesty in the company. She is the youngest member of Elevate Overseas. She always wanted to help everyone and was able to train our candidates in the best possible way with this opportunity. She also oversees the Student Support Cell in the Khargar office.

Services Offered

 Career Counselling

 Course Advice

 Admission Assistance

 Visa Assistance

 Pre-Departure Support

 Post-Departure Support

Website: https://eleevateoverseas.com/

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