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When it comes to sustained growth, innovation is key and, in this endeavor, new products are designed and developed by industries as per the evolving market needs. Small businesses and large enterprises invest time, effort, resources, and a substantial amount of money to design, manufacture, and assemble electronics and other types of new-age industrial products that are optimized for functioning even in harsh environments.

Embedded product design is one of the specialized areas that involves highly trained experts, working with advanced tools and equipment for transforming ideas into products. Embedded designing includes system architecture as well as hardware, software, and mechanical design. The process of product design involves activities such as deciding on the mechanical architecture, selecting materials and processes that meet the environmental requirements, engineering the various components that are necessary to make the product work, and finalizing the look and feel of the product.

Development, on the other hand, involves identifying new opportunities in the market and building products that appeal to the needs of the selected market. The focus of a product design and development process lies in refining or modifying the products to a final prototype and testing.

ELEGANT EMBEDDED SOLUTIONS is a Hyderabad-based company, providing embedded software and hardware solutions for various industrial applications of the embedded system domain. They are a team of experienced professional embedded system developers. They aim to utilize their experience, hard work, and dedication to making smart, economic, and efficient products. They are experts in many microcontrollers’ solutions from 8 bit to 32-bit controllers. They have been working with cutting-edge technologies like RFID, GSM, GPS, GPRS, Biometrics, etc.

Their design expertise included but was not limited to custom design projects, reverse engineering, automation, data loggers, web-based applications, high power machines controllers, solar-based products, and LED displays.

Their Product and service

Their Expertise Services

They complement their solutions with their expertise in embedded solutions, from proof of concept to manufacturing, across diverse industry verticals

  • Software or hardware migration
  • Reverse engineering
  • Firmware Development
  • Technical Consulting
  • Prototype and R&D support
  • Produce development
  • Re-designs for cost reduction, manufacturing, or test enhancement
  • Firmware enhancement for more functionalities or better performance
  • Testing device development
  • Reengineering of existing product

As embedded systems continue to remain in the heart of all innovative and intelligent products, all businesses need to have a service provider who understands these cutting-edge technologies and helps provide them with a competitive edge. Elegant Embedded Solutions is a leading solution provider in the embedded systems market. With an excellent team and their excellence in Hardware & Software, their solutions make your products much faster, smaller and smarter.

They develop custom embedded software and hardware for a wide range of microcontrollers (MCU) and processors. Their engineering experience includes but is not limited to ARM7, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, ARM9, AVR, AVR32, MSP430, Microchip, ATMEL, WINBOND, Nuvoton, and Philips controllers.

Website- http://www.elegantembedded.com/

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