Element H: Corporate Counselling, Marine Support& Miscellaenous Psychological Services


Their values

1. The client, they believe, is the most crucial aspect of their profession.

2. Empathy for the client is another important core value that they possess

3. In their practice, they value professionalism.

4. They are firm believers in collaboration and feel that those working in the mental health area should work together to improve society.

5. Their conviction in the validity of core psychological knowledge drives them to keep their existing knowledge and skills up to date.

6. Their faith in their abilities and expertise aids them in upholding their ethical ideals.

Dr. Keerthi Pai, Clinical Psychologist Consultant

Dr. Keerthi Pai holds a Ph.D. in CBT for adolescents, as well as an M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from KMC Manipal and an M.Phil. in Counseling. She works as a consultant with the Apollo Group of Hospitals in Chennai and also maintains a private clinic there.

Corporate Counselling and Assessment, EAP

Conducting counseling for employees about motivation, career guidance, work-life balance, job stress, stress management, mental health difficulties, marriage and relationship issues, and tobacco dependence problems is part of the corporate counseling service.

Services such as life coaching and skill development courses are available to IT employees. Both face-to-face and tele-counseling are available.

Recruiters and managers can use psychometric testing for recruiting, selection, and employee development.

Organizations can get custom-made evaluation and training packages through the Employee Assistance Program.

Marine Support

Psychometric assessments for leadership skills, personality, general intelligence, counseling, psychological aspects of safety, teamwork, the human element, and soft skills training services for shipping companies Life Skills Training Program for Maritime Training Centers This involves psychiatric evaluation and therapy for Marine Engineering students who want to improve their life skills.

Leadership effectiveness training, Emotional Intelligence training

Research & Development

They provide Module development for training programs (soft skill and life skills) and Assessment Tool Development (Customized) for motivation, personality, aptitude, attitude, and other factors.

Counseling for Individual, Families & Children

1. Counselling for relationship issues, emotional issues for all age groups.

2. Pre-marital & couple counseling.

3. Family counseling.

4. Counselling for children with behavior problems.

5. Geriatric counseling.

6. Career guidance for students and professionals.

7. Therapies and Training


o Relaxation therapy

o Behavior therapy for behavior issues and writer’s cramp

o Cognitive behavior therapy for OCD, anxiety, depression.

o Family therapy.

o Anger management therapy

o Social skills and assertiveness training.

o Cognitive retraining.

o Remedial training.

o Parenting

Psychological support for schools/colleges

1. Psychometric evaluations and remedial training for children with Specific Learning Disorder.

2. Psychometry is used to treat anxiety, sadness, behavioral issues, and psychosis in children.

3. Assessment and advice on how to choose the best professional route.

4. Sensitization to gender issues and sexual health awareness

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