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About EM3 Agri Services

EM3 Agri services is a tech driven startup for the Indian agriculture market; focused on helping small farmers to grow by providing big machines and required data in order to improve the farm produce quality and increase the volume of produce.

They have developed an IT enabled system through which any famer can contact them easily and get what is needed. Company has developed FaaS (Farming as a Service) platform that enables technology to reach the farmer and farm in an efficient and affordable manner through a network of Farm centers or they call it as “Samadhan Kendras”. Each Kendra is managed by Agri-professionals and is equipped to handle a comprehensive suite of basic and precision farm operations throughout the entire crop production cycle.

Main Focus On

Quality – Every service line & its constituent machine & operators on the samadhan platform go through rigorous selection and training for highest level of quality and delivery.

Assurance – Organization assure famers about the standardized quality, transparent billing and timely service.

Convenience – booking an appointment is convenient for famers by just making a phone call. They can also approach to the company through their website, which is designed for everyone to understand and communicate swiftly. Famers can monitor their field and the work being done and also has functions to manage all his transactions.

They have a dedicated team of proper cycle management to constantly record the data and monitor the process from land preparation, sowing/transplanting, crop management, harvesting, post-harvest farm management.

EM3 provides technology and mechanization services for the complete cultivation cycle. As the majority of the Indian farmers (over 90%) are small with land holdings of less than ten acres. Services are offered in a Pay-for-Use standardized quality. It helps small farmers to lease the machine and return it back when not needed.

Samadhan Footprint

EM3 is currently serving in three major states of India from farming point of view, which are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh (MP), and Uttar Pradesh (UP). They have partnered with State Government of Rajasthan and have established almost 300 franchise based services centers and are planning to increase the number to 1240 franchise centers in next three years.

In Madhya Pradesh, they reach to the farmers from the network of 100 centers to approach. Madhya Pradesh Government has also partnered with them. In Uttar Pradesh they are dealing at initial stage and have focused on Sugarcane farms.

Farmer’s Response

“I own 12 acres of land and live in Chandauli. Every implement of Samadhan that goes to the field has created great farmer values”.

“I own seven acres of land and requested Samadhan for harvesting. Their machines do a quicker and better job. The harvested crop is cleaner”.

“I own four acres of land. Samadhan is professional, they come on time. I have less of a headache managing labour which is unpredictable”.

Company size:51-200 employees
Headquarter:Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Type:Privately held

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