Enem Nostrum: A Rapidly Growing Contract Research Organization Specializing in Generics .


What is Enem Nostrum Pvt. Ltd.?

Enem Nostrum Remedies Pvt. Ltd. is a company that provides integrated drug development solutions.

They are a fast expanding contract research organization (CRO) with a portfolio of skills cooperating with health care businesses worldwide concentrating in generics, with substantial experience in the US market, among others. Enem Nostrum is dedicated to innovation and research (R&D). To satisfy worldwide standards, the company’s staff of qualified, experienced, trained, and highly-skilled research scientists employ cutting-edge enabling technologies. Enem Nostrum has built one of the country’s most captivating, instructive, and contemporary R&D centers.

They provide comprehensive solutions for traditional and new drug delivery product formulation development, analytical development and validation, stability, bioavailability, bioequivalence, bioanalysis, pharmacokinetics, and biostatistics.

They feel that their people resource is their most valuable asset, one that is dedicated and driven to the organization’s and our customer’s success. As a quickly expanding business, Enem Nostrum promotes training and development programs created and conducted by professional trainers to impart information and skills to all employees, to develop a learning culture and a strong corporate image.

Employees’ professional and personal goals are realized through the company’s focused training programs, which provide them with vital skill sets while also enhancing their confidence and leadership potential. Enem Nostrum’s training for management workers ranges from specific leadership and soft skills to allow them to travel across continents and gain worldwide exposure in a competitive environment.

Their Vision

To be a world leader in medicine development and clinical research for the benefit of humanity.

Their Mission

They strive to create intellectual property by leveraging innovative technologies and methods to produce and commercialize goods and services that offer value to the field of pharmaceutical development.

Their Goal

They strive to achieve six goals:

 Innovation

 Collaboration

 Technology

 Quality

 Integrity

 Respect

Their Services

A) Formulation Development

The 3000 sq. ft. Formulation Research & Development facility of Enem Nostrum is located in Andheri, Mumbai, less than a 10-minute drive from Mumbai International Airport.

Enem Nostrum’s clients benefit from comprehensive Pharmaceutical Formulation Development Services. Their two decades of pharmaceutical development experience, as well as their contemporary Research and Development laboratory, make them uniquely qualified to handle all of your formulation development requirements. The following dosage formulations have been developed by Enem Nostrum:

• Conventional Tablets

• Conventional Capsules

• Enteric-coated tablets

• Modified release formulations

• Liquid and semi-solid formulations

• Topical preparations

• Sublingual and Buccal formulation

• Creams,Ointments, and Gels

B) Analytical Research

They provide dedicated analytical laboratories for rapid development work, as well as a GMP laboratory with an established track record for regulatory submissions and handling commercial samples for release, validation, and stability studies. The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) successfully inspected them twice, in 2013 and 2017. They have a solution for all analytical tasks, from project conception to technology transfer and product filing by regulatory regulations. Many authorized ANDAs for customers have emerged from the work done here, including Venlafaxine HCl, Acetazolamide, Dapsone, and others.

C) Bioequivalence Studies

Over the year, Enem’s expertise in bioequivalence and bioanalysis services has been expanded to include a wide range of clinical research services. Their success stems from their dedication to providing consumers with a clear understanding of the crucial necessity of time, project management, and GCP & GLP compliance.

Their staff of ethical, experienced, knowledgeable, and customer-focused specialists is their greatest asset.

Rajiv Merchant, President

He has extensive knowledge in practically every aspect of the pharmaceutical value chain. He also works as a Management Studies Educator for MBA programs. He has a diverse set of skills: preclinical, formulation development, manufacturing, and bioequivalence, all of which have helped me establish a holistic approach. He has effectively established and led business units, as well as being active in business development. Mentoring and leading an integrated team has always provided him with the power of people, which has led to the majority of his accomplishments.

Industry Research
Company size 51-200 employees
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Type Self-Employed
Website: http://www.enemnostrum.com/

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