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8. Limesh Parekh CEO Enjay IT Solution Limited The 10 Most Influential CEOs Making a Difference 2022

Dedicated for India’s growth in IT industry with a vision to provide tailored soultions according to the Indian market need

Enjay started its journey as Enjay Computer Consultancy – in 1994/95, providing services like Hardware, Maintenance, Assembly of Peripherals, etc. It was started by 3 Idiots, Limesh, Chaitanya, and Siddheshwar Parekh (3 brothers).  In 2001, the Enjay Thin Client card was issued. The model was scalable. ThinClient was a very new concept at the time, and acceptance was very low. But gradually the business grew, and Enjay became known as the thin client “card wala”.

Most of the commercial software solutions available in India are either made by Western companies for Western markets or by Indian companies for Western markets. So they decided to create a solution for Indian people with an Indian mindset and Indian habits.

Enjay Synapse IVR system that can be used to handle large call volumes or even to make automated calls. Traditionally, IVRs operate on DTMF signaling (using a telephone keypad) and IVR voice prompts which are pre-recorded voices. However, the next-generation voice response system includes automatic speech recognition for better customer service. IVR significantly reduces the load on the live agent. And most importantly it is a great thing that Enjay Synapse IVR is compatible with all types of phone systems.

The industries they work:

  1. Hotel CRM Software
  2. Travel Agency Software
  3. Real Estate CRM
  4. Automobile Dealer
  5. Debt Collection
  6. Education CRM
  7. IT Industry CRM
  8. CRM for Tally Partner

Their solution:

  1. Enjay’s Sangam CRM
  2. Helpdesk CRM
  3. Mobile CRM
  4. Custom CRM
  5. CRM Login & Security

Why choose Enjay Synapse IP PBX?

Asterisk Open-Source PBX Solution is the most popular free PBX software available in the market. However, as always, there are many hidden costs when you go for free, open-source software. The Asterisk system that runs the Asterisk software is a solution for what they might call “engineered by engineer”, which means you can’t fully utilize it without spending money. Enjay Synapse can also be used as a soft PBX of virtual PBX which can be out of any physical server or virtual server. They have already done vulnerability testing and hardened the operating system to make sure your PBX doesn’t get hacked. They provide customization services to meet your needs. They also provide a complete and secure API for you to connect to other software.


All solutions by Enjay are developed in-house, so anything and everything can be customized to your business need – in a very short amount of time and at a very reasonable cost. With a pan India presence for service, support and RMA, they can provide both solutions and peace of mind.

Website- https://www.enjayworld.com/?

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