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“The search for perfection in automation by creating a vision of transparency, trust and faith”

ENSO Automation Pvt Ltd: Perfection in automation, through creating a vision of transparency, trust and belief.

About ENSO Automation

The pursuit of perfection in automation through creating a vision of transparency, trust & belief is the inspiration behind rise of Enso Automation.

To ENSO Automation, perfection in automation means more than developing the best solutions in industrial automation. It also means developing the best relationships – with our customers and partners as well as our employees and suppliers.

Enso is sure, that keen foresight and entrepreneurial courage will help Enso to rise into the ranks of top global players in industrial automation. An intuitive sense of market dynamics and emerging trends is going to established us as a pioneer, leading the way with the most innovative technology on the market.

ENSO Automation are aiming to become a global centre for machine and factory automation in coming years by strengthening our position of leadership and adding new momentum to shine through our impressive records of sustained growth.

Exceptional partnership

We walk shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers through every phase of a project, from concept to commissioning and follow through with outstanding after-sales support. ENSO Automation customers rely on our exceptional partnership and innovative solutions, and we take great pride in the trust we have earned.

ENSO Automation Services

From conceptual design to after-sales service, we accompany our customers through every step of the way. Together we develop the hardware and software solutions that best satisfy their unique requirements and provide them with a technological edge in their market.

We assist in improvement of the processes & products, required during this journey of implementation of turnkey automation projects.

ENSO Automation also develop latest technological automation modules & EOAT’s

ENSO Automation support almost all types of manufacturing industries like,

Forging & machining industries

Casting & machining industries

Press & fabrication industries

Surface treatment industries

Assembly & packaging industries

FMCG industries


This is to develop turnkey automation solutions like,

Assembly line automations

Manufacturing line automations

Inspection automations

ENSO Automation Applications

Market-Specific Solutions

  • Assembly Line automations

Conveyor-ized assembly lines

Off-line assembly cells

Overhead or floor robots

Vision guided robots

Any feeders with vision

Printing robots

Mobile robots

  • Manufacturing line automations

Loading /unloading on machining lines

Gantries-pneumatic / rotary servo / Linear servo

Robotic Gantries for various component orientations

Walking beams automations

Robotic welding automation cell

Laser welding machine-cartesian or robotic

Laser cutting

  • Inspection automations

Vision / Laser based

Conveyor-ized / stationary


Laser marking

  • Low-cost Automations for

Process improvement

Product improvement

Additive manufacturing

TPM implementation

  • Latest break-through technological automation modules & EOT’S

Robot hand

Haptic sensor

Mobile robot

Cleaning robot

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