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11. Pravin Sharma,Founder _ CEO - eShiksha Technology Services Pvt Ltd - 10 Best Corporate Leaders From Jaipur 2021

Simplifying the education process

The internet was always intended to simplify communication and improve research. And now is when it is serving its purpose better than ever. Especially in 2020, online learning is at its peak. Testbook, an e-learning site where students could prepare for government exams, was reported to double in users every quarter in 2020 as per grab on, a coupon and deals marketplace that also provides its users with a textbook. Moreover, other e-learning sites like Skillshare, Udemy, and more are increasing their user’s day on the day; thanks to the ease of learning online and the convenience that comes along with it. Truly, online learning has changed how we learn. From kids to adults, all have seen some pros and some cons of e-learning.

eShiksa is an education management portal that simplifies the management and provides enormous facilities to an Institute. Our portal assists educators to manage, analyze and report extensive data while making your institute’s management “A cashless and paperless management”. It covers all the aspects of educational business, including administrative, academic, and accounting activities. With eShiksa, institutes can easily connect with students and parents which helps in students’ growth because it creates a single window for viewing various reports on the academic front and paying all kinds of institute fees online. They have established themselves as a prominent key player in the market of education management portal and it couldn’t have been possible without our Team efforts. They believe that “Whatever we can do together can never achieve alone”. They believe in serving best to their clients as per their needs. Once you get connected with them, they take you as their responsibility to serve you with proper support and training.

Institutes are always judged based on their technological advancement and with eshiksa technology, your institute ranks first in this category. When eShiksha EMP gets introduced to your management, it will not only help in the branding of your school but will also help in the smooth running of every department. They are offering the service in three versions, so you can choose the product as per your requirement. eShiksa is a cloud-based software with user-friendly dashboards, easy navigation, and well-structured reports. They want to be an organization that delivers unique, innovative, and cost-effective solutions and services through technological and economic benefits to its customers globally.

Right now, the Coronavirus pandemic is forcing global experimentation with remote teaching. There are many indicators that this crisis is going to transform many aspects of life. Education could be one of them if remote teaching proves to be a success.


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