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What is Estates Management?

Estates management is a real estate marketplace devoted to assisting landlords in renting and managing property with the help of the best managers. The company provides a centralized financing approach that is easy to understand for both homemakers and tenants. They assist in the complete process of sale and purchase of property. Home Interiors, Painting, Cleaning, Pest Control, and Handyman Services are all handled under one roof by Estate Management. Additionally, they also do home renovations, such as repairing tiles, false ceilings, common rooms, kitchens, and other parts of the house. The company has a technical team of architects, designers, project managers, relationship managers, and professional service providers under one roof for efficient delivery of their services and timely consults.

What makes them different?

The main advantage of Estates Management is that it is economical and focuses on maximizing investment returns and developing finance for their end-users. Their services are systematic and focus on management based on results. The company has a contemporary approach to cater to the current demands of rental property owners.

Goals of Estates Management

The main goal of Estates Management is to serve homeowners and assist them in efficiently managing their property. They aim to become Bangalore’s most reputable property management firm and to provide on-time service and a hassle-free experience to their customers and for that purpose, they work with a wide range of assets, including residential flats, commercial buildings, land leasing, buying and selling transactions, rentals, interior design, and property management. It is a one-stop solution for all real estate needs. They equip consumers with the information they need to make insightful decisions.

Services provided

 Examination of the Property

– Regular property inspections to ensure that everything in the rental apartment is in working order.

– Checking and logging the inventory.

– Sending feedback through images on a regular basis.

 Collection and Payment of Bills

– Rent collection from tenant

– Payment of Property taxes

– Payment of a utility bill.

– Payment of electricity bill

– Payment of water bills

– Bill payment for other utilities

 Maintenance and repairs

– Maintenance concerns are detected and fixed.

– Painting, woodworking, plumbing, and electrical work

– Termite control

– Masonry work

– Investigating the causes of seepage

 Takeover of Possession

– Prior property inspection

– Working with the builder to finish the job that has been left unfinished.

– Assisting with the registration of real estate at a low cost.

 Paperwork for legislation

– Creating a new lease or rental agreement

– Rent/lease agreement renewal

– Registration of the property

– Maintaining the legal status houses

 Management of Keys and Visits

– Allowing visits of a potential tenant

– Broker visits

 Services for Rental

– Using property websites to advertising the property

– Broker-based marketing

– Choosing a tenant with the homeowner’s input

– Credit checks, background checks, employment checks, and rental history for tenant screening process.

– Applicant screening and lease creation

– Rent and eviction coverage

– Rent evaluation based on a comprehensive market analysis

– Check-Out for Tenants

– Obtaining the tenant’s keys

– Inventory check after a tenant leaves

– Estimating the extent of the tenant’s damage

 House-keeping services

– Dusting, cleaning, and wiping the kitchen counter tops

– Cleaning the outside surfaces of kitchen cabinets and racks (inside if empty)

– Degreasing and removing oil stains from the chimney

– Removing oil stains from kitchen tiles

– Removing cobwebs

-Cleaning the exhaust fan

– Cleaning of Inside windows, cleaning of glasses, grills, and channels (Outside if safely accessible)

– Cleaning the baseboards

– Dusting and wiping cupboards – Cleaning outside surfaces

– Removing Trash

– Cleaning of Mirrors and sinks

– Wipe of the outside of the cabinets and appliances

– Cleaning Doorknobs and Light Switches

– Cleaning the living room, patio, and balcony

– Bathroom wiping

– Bathroom dusting

– Tiles, fixtures, and floors: descaling and stain removal

– Floor acid cleaning

– Washbasin, mirror, Stain/scale removal and toilet bowl cleaning

– Removal of cobwebs

 Handyman Service

– Carpenter

– Customizing the TV Mount Sofa

– Putting up wall art

– Repairs to woodwork or glasswork handled by their expertise.

– Electrician

– Installation of Geysers, fans, air conditioners, and LED/LCD televisions

– Installation of wiring

– Appliance repair

– Plumber

– Taking care of clogged drains and leaks

– Issues with CPVC or GI fittings, water closets, and other kitchen setups

– Painting in the Interior

– Interior designing

– Removal of , cracks, leaks, rot, and other types of damage

– Paint and Polish for Wood

– Priming and painting the wood.

– Removing dust from surfaces or thinning

– Painting Metal Surfaces

– Degressing and derusting of metal surfaces.

– Waterproofing and repairing a water leaks

– Installation of standard goods.

– Proofing against heat

– Cockroach extermination

– Termite prevention

– Treatment for Bed Bugs

Abhishek Kumar, Founder and CEO

In the Corporate Sales Department at Clay Telecom, he worked as a Service Relationship Manager. Acquiring and servicing Corporate Global Travels was one of his tasks. Later he worked as a Senior Property Specialist at IndiaHomes Estate. After a brief experience as a Lead Generation Specialist, he founded Estates Management in 2019.

Industry Real Estate
Company size 2-10 employees
Type Privately Held
Year of establishment 2019

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