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1. Srinath Rao- CEO _ Co-Founder, Smaran NS- CTO _ Co-Founder- Evenforce Technologies Private Limited- Top 10 Best Enterprise Software Startups In 2021

Tell us about the inception story behind Evenforce. What drove you towards establishing this business?

The journey of Evenforce Technologies Pvt ltd began in Late 2015. Both co-founders are extremely passionate about the automobile industry. Both of us come from different backgrounds: Srinath Rao (CEO) came from the Data Science and Banking domain, previous stints were with Oracle Financial Services, and Smaran N S(CTO) came from mobile application development, cloud technology, and an avid contributor for various Open-source applications.

We spent a year doing research and understanding what was required to make the functioning of the workshops simple through technology. As we visited each workshop, from large-scale multi-brands and OEMs to small-scale mom and pop workshops; understanding their day-to-day technical needs and then initiated to work on our product.

That’s when our SaaS product “GetAFix” was born a complete solution for every automobile workshop. Over time the GetAFix has evolved. Currently, GetAFix is being operationalized in 21 countries, at 2 Large OEMs, and Over 4,000 plus implementation, 15,000 plus users.

What kind of problem are you trying to solve in the automobile industry?

Initially, we wanted to build an aggregator to provide lead generation through technology for this unorganized sector. During this process, we came to know that, these organizations did not have the right technology that could drive more new customers and retain existing customers in this competitive world. 

For instance, Vehicle manufacturers (OEM’s) had an old-school Dealer Management System (DMS) typically developed by a technology company that has been forced upon dealers who are orchestrated by the OEMs. These systems are like holding on to the sand tightly in your fist. The problem is, tighter you hold, sand would escape through the fingers; dealers would always find a loophole and figure out an alternative.  

Multi-brand automotive workshops use basic accounting software which is only used for billing and statutory purpose.

Mom and pop garages just use pen and paper for all their activities.  

If we look at the larger picture, the OEMs, Dealers, Spare parts traders, Automobile Services, and most important of all Consumers. All operate in silos though they all belong to the same eco-system. We want to create that eco-system, and bring these together and make the consumer journey frictionless.

What are your company’s goals and mission?

GetAFix is a one-stop Software as a Service (SaaS) for Automotive aftermarket Services and Sales centers

We would want to see GetAFix be the #1 software brand for all the Automobile aftermarket operations across the world

Tell us about your products and services.

Our Product GetAFix is a cloud-based mobile-first and web-based enterprise application that helps implement the best in industry processes, manage and monitor workflow with ease and simplify customer database management. This Powerful, Reliable and Easy to use automotive software solution reduces customer wait time, quicker workflow, increases bay efficiency, state-of-the-art invoice generation keeps the customer updated, and helps achieve customer delight. These tangible benefits directly translate into increased revenues.

GetAFix comprises of the following segments:

  • Workshop Management 
  • Detailing Studios
  • CRM 
  • Pre-owned and New vehicle sales 
  • Fleet Management 
  • Emission / PUC Centers
  • Insurance companies 
  • Extended Consumer App for end consumers

The Workshop Management module is sleek and unique. Here all the services pertaining to a vehicle are available. The customer journey starts from Appointment booking till invoice generation and brings the customer back with the service remainders, along with the industry best inventory management system.  

GetAFix also comprises of OEM and OES parts catalog, AI-driven best vendor identification, AI-driven customer behavioral demography. Best of all, Slice & Dice, where users can build their own reports without any profound technical knowledge with simple drag and drop.

For the detailing industries, GetAFix provides an extraordinary POS system including pre and post-image comparisons. 

GetAFix provides unique CRM capability specially designed for the automotive industry. GetAFix CRM includes Lead automation, assignment, Scoring, Prioritization, Activity planning, Customer communication via whats app, SMS, email and voice, and more. Based on our records GetAFix CRM has proved 35% more lead conversion.

GetAFix Pre-owned vehicle sales module provides an end-to-end Vehicle sales process starting from Vehicle Inspection to Procurement to Sales. This module also includes Special features like Yard management, Park and sell, Test drive management, and a unique Bidding system for dealers to bid on the pre-owned vehicles.

GetAFix fleet management system provides state-of-the-art applications to track and manage the fleet. It will help capture the assets and their journey from procurement to scraping. It will also help the fleet management company track all the income and expenses against the asset and provide a real-time Asset Genealogy.

GetAFix PUC (Emission control centers) records and tracks the emission certificate details and its history, and renewal reminders are sent to the customers when the PUC is about to expire. 

A USP of GetAFix is a white-labeled Consumer App hosted on both Android and iOS app stores on behalf of the workshops, which will help the end-user to track and maintain the records of the vehicles owned by the end customer; along with an option to book appointments and view the service history on the fly. 

GetAFix other Unique Features :

Flexible to customize: Customize parameters for services offered, automobile conditions, and automobile models.

Service Record History: View automobile service record history across different workshops for those who are partnered with Evenforce.

Customer retention via Offers and Loyalty bonus: Bulk SMS/Email facility helps communicate offers and discounts to existing customers.

Multi-lingual support: Since the app supports multiple languages and helps localize to a region, support for new languages is easy.

Head office and Branch office implementation: GetAFix help companies who owns multi franchisee enterprise business with functionalities like centralized customer management, Intra branch transfers, and Zone wise/State wise MIS reports, along with a unified data warehouse for business intelligence

Why do we think GetAFix will be great for your business?

Customer Satisfaction Customer reports & notifications 

Build your customer relationships by showing detailed reporting & ensuring transparency of services. Our customer reports & notifications are designed to engage customers and enhance confidence in the service offered.

Efficient Workshop Management Dashboard & Analytics 

Two dashboards available on the mobile app & web app ensure you have a 360-degree view of your business covering efficiency, quality of work & financials. Your daily job card status ensures you do not slip up on any tasks & time commitments made to your customers. Employee statistics help track productivity. All you need is a smartphone with a data connection, no big computers, servers, or memory.

Inventory Management 

Track your spare parts inventory and procure it directly from our app or through our partner websites at the click of a button from your mobile phone. It’s as easy as that; no more calls or follow-ups and paperwork required.


With our customer app and rating framework, your business will gain visibility translating into new customers. Expand your business based on your location and rating advantage.

Multi-franchise & Single customer view

You can rapidly automate the entire franchise group through our quick and easy setup process. A shared customer database ensures you maintain your customer details once, and access them within the group seamlessly. Communicate reminders, offers and discounts periodically & help retain your existing customers.

What’s so special about GetAFix? How does it create a difference in the market?

It’s not necessary to have a business application that is complicated and boring. To break this dilemma, we have built a straightforward application that simple to use and is powerful enough to run complex businesses at a comprehensive level. The automotive industry is vast, and that is where our software GetAFix comes into the picture, to make your day-to-day life simpler. “A magic portion for your workshop”.

GetAFix is the first Indian mobile-first cloud-based application, that caters to all the automobile workshop and sales centre management. With the paperless approach, the workshop can onboard a customer with just a few clicks. The digital job card process makes sure that the workshops follow the best industry practices which in turn gives the customer an incomparable experience. With inbuilt customer retention programs, GetAFix helps the workshops tackle the most important problem of customer attrition. With the use of a fluid lead management system, the centres can manage any leads, be it a new lead follow-up to insurance management.

The new age OEM wants to use the dealer-less approach, where they can achieve higher margin and both sales and services are managed by the OEM themselves and they want to use high-end cutting-edge technology to implement this. GetAFix has as integration with the call centre system, the customers can book services through the app and the nearest service centre is auto allocated. With the in-built warranty management system, the OEM can easily track the complete spare part warranty from the procurement to refurbishment and finally replacement of the part to the customer seamlessly.

Everything has a support system, and the Team behind GetAFix takes pride and pleasure in what we do.

Covid19 pandemic hampered almost every business unit. How did you manage to deal in such a critical situation?

During Covid19, we realized that adaptability is now a mandatory business competency, and an accelerated pace of change has became normal. We used the situation to venture to newer portfolios which in turn helped us to build a more complete enterprise solution.

During this entire crisis, maintaining a sane mindset was very important so that the employee and everyone around us was safe and in between this crisis, where people were losing their job, we ensured to retain our employees and helped them in every way possible.

In recent times vehicle purchases have shown a sharp spike. How does it impact your business?

The automotive and mobility industry had been amongst the worst hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation has improved, however. Car dealerships are getting busier, and many are eagerly seeking more inventory to sell. Intent to purchase new and used cars is almost back to pre-COVID-19 levels. That has opened up a big market for GetAFix, and we are able to capitalize on it. We can onboard a lot of pre-owned vehicle showrooms along with a few electric vehicle manufacturers to use our GetAFix application. 

To date, what were your client & customer’s response to the service you provided?

Our motto was to make life in the workshops simpler, and we are proud to say that, to a very extent, we have achieved it. Our growth has been in very organic way where the clients and customers who have liked our software have recommended it to others, which is a great achievement. We help our clients and customers by providing 24 hrs. Support both online and offline. Our software is completely customized and configured for our clients and customers. 

Year of Founding:2015
Founding Members: Srinath Rao and Smaran N S
Office Locations:  India Bangalore
 Website: www.evenforce.com

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