EVI: The Most Advanced Electric Vehicles & Electric Powertrains



CEO: Dr. Priyank Dahanukar

What is EVI?EVI develops and manufactures the world’s most advanced electric vehicles and powertrains. They make no concessions when it comes to creativity, performance, or appeal. They operate in small, focused teams that are nimble, efficient, and committed to excellence, just like their products. They are motivated by work that has a worldwide impact and is enthusiastic about the automobile industry’s future. The pace is quick, the job is interesting, the structure is restricted, and creativity is expected. EVI has created a one-of-a-kind electric propulsion system for battery-powered automobiles. Both new and old automobiles can benefit from the EVI system, which can improve fuel economy, torque, power, and vehicle handling. EVI is a completely integrated system that combines motors with an integrated inverter, control electronics, and software, eliminating the need for a separate huge, heavy, and expensive inverter.

Their Chargers

EVI (Electric Vehicle India) provides energy independence through flexible, scalable technology solutions that make electric vehicle charging accessible to everyone, everywhere. The EVI Charger is a beautiful and reliable electric car fast (rapid) charger that is simple to buy and operate.

The Salient features of their chargers are:

• Small footprint

• Easy to install

• Liquid-cooled

• Broad operating temperature range

• Customisable exterior

Their Provisions for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

You have limited engineering resources, small budgets, and short vehicle lead times, all of which necessitate making early, educated, and strong decisions on new technology. EVI’s motors, on the other hand, take up space behind the previously unused wheels, making them easier to integrate than onboard options. Major adjustments to engine or emissions components, as well as drivetrain components like gearboxes, differentials, and driveshafts, are not required. Furthermore, the motors can be placed in new vehicles produced on existing assembly lines with few modifications to the manufacturing process. With EVI, EVpowertrains may be added to vehicle platforms with fewer new parts and lower costs. If you’re a car manufacturer, EVI can assist you in meeting today’s and tomorrow’s stringent fuel economy and emissions rules while also increasing vehicle performance.

Their Provisions for Company & Government fleets

When your fleet still has a job to complete every day, rising operational costs, limited budgets, and green standards can be difficult to balance. EVI feels the time has come for a system that can bring the benefits of EV technology to existing light-duty cars. EVI Electric’s method is a smarter and more straightforward approach to greening the economy, increasing power, and lowering emissions. As big businesses and governments try to overcome these issues, EVI predicts a whole new EV retrofit market will arise to support private and public fleets. Converting light-duty vehicles, crossovers, trucks, and vans will account for the great majority of this new EV retrofit market. It is predicted that the total addressable car market in India alone is about 1.5 million automobiles. The EVI system is simple to integrate into a wide range of cars and driving cycles. That means fleet owners may reap the benefits of EV technology without having to invest in entirely new cars, engines, or gearboxes, or adapt their engines to run on fuels other than those now in use. Because these cars typically have a lifecycle of two to six years longer than a conventional retail vehicle, system expenses can be amortized over a number of years after the vehicle has been in service. If you have a commercial fleet of vehicles, EVI can help you improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet, saving you money and allowing you to recoup your investment much faster with EV Powertrains.

Industry Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Company size 11-50 employees
Type Privately Held
Founded 2013
Website: http://www.electricvehicleindia.com

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