EVteQ: A Leading Provider of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions



CEO: Shantanu Mehta

Shantanu is the Chief Indian Operations Officer for EVteQ, as well as a trusted partner of Intelligent Integration, Automation, and Security Kart.

Their Vision

They are passionate about electric vehicle technologies at EVteQ. They seek to supply you with the same through their high-end knowledge and industry skills in the field of Electric Vehicles and their technology. They hope to educate you on the future of green cars as well as the advantages of electric motoring. EVTeq is an online platform that assists visitors in interpreting the world of “green automobiles” and their significance.

EVteQ assists people who are interested in becoming green by providing evaluations and other types of information regarding electric vehicles, as well as advice, suggestions, and much more. They assist electric car fans in staying up to date on the newest news as well as specific information that they may require to make an informed purchasing decision.

Their Mission

They contribute to the development of a new world of innovation and high-end EV technology by providing essential information, news, advice, and tips on energy and automation, as well as connected products and services, to better serve their web visitors. Concerns about rising levels of global warming and possibly life-threatening hazards have compelled them to rethink the transportation infrastructure. They want to take reformative efforts to provide the greatest-in-class information and news regarding green automobiles and their technology, owing to the necessity for widespread awareness.

Their Services

Chargepoints or dedicated EV charging solutions are the safest, fastest, most reliable, and most convenient way to charge any electric or modular hybrid vehicle.

Driving an electric automobile, on the other hand, does not have to be complicated or expensive. When you have the following, you can get the most out of driving electricity:

1) A plug for charging at home or work

2) Public EV charging accounts

3) A precise notion of how much it will cost and how long it will take to charge

Their Products

They provide the following products:

 Vehicle to Home V2H

 5-10Kva Pure Sine Wave Inverter I

 50kw Portable EV Charger

 22-37Kw Solar Pump Inverter

 50Kw Solar EV Charger

 750w-18Kw Solar Pump Inverter

 200kw EV Charger

 Wall Mounted 7Kw EV Charger

 LED Pure Sine Wave Inverter

 100kw EV Charger

 EV Adapter

 50kw EV Charger

 50kw EV Charger

 Handheld Battery Analyzer

 Electricity Uninterruptible Power Supply

 AC DC Rectifier 48V 50a System

 EV Adapter

 10kw Portable EV Charger

 1-4kva Pure Sine Wave Inverter

 20kw EV Charger

Industry Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Company size 2-10 employees
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Type Partnership
Founded 2017
Specialties Electric Vehicle Charging and EV Solution
Website: http://www.evteqglobal.com

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