EXICOM Power Solutions

EV Battery & power Storage Providers pl1

” Set to provide dynamic energy storage solutions for utilities, renewable developers, Li-ion batteries for electric with developing own EV charging infrastructure. “

EXICOM Power Solutions:

Founded in 1994, Exicom Tele-Systems is a company which operates in 3 key business areas around vertical markets of telecom, storage and green mobility. We are a vertically integrated company with over 20 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing products and solutions for needs of today and future.

Exicom Tele-Systems is based in Gurgaon, India, and has a rapidly expanding global presence. The company has more than two decades of experience designing, building, and producing efficient, dependable, and cost-effective power and energy solutions for electric vehicles, information technology, telecommunications, and renewables. All of our deployments are supported by a cutting-edge R&D facility, manufacturing system, and pan-India service support. Exicom is also the largest Li-ion battery supplier, with over 1GWh of battery solutions deployed. Various customers, including government PSUs, fleet operators, and auto OEMs, have successfully deployed AC and DC Fast Chargers.

Exicom Mobility offers Li-ion battery and charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicle (EV) applications such as two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger automobiles, and commercial vehicles.

Development & Research

Our company is backed by cutting-edge in-house R&D, manufacturing capabilities, and customer service. We have a well-resourced team of engineers who are passionate about designing optimal DC Energy Systems, developing Rectifiers, Control/Monitoring Devices, Software, and other Power System Building Blocks.

Our Mission

To provide best-engineered power solutions for critical infrastructure that are energy efficient, technologically advanced, interactive, and intelligent for today’s and tomorrow’s needs in a way that benefits our customers, partners, workers, and shareholders.

Exicom offers a variety of job opportunities.

Exicom provides a demanding, inspiring, enjoyable, and fast-paced work environment with chances for personal and professional development.

We’re growing our portfolio and developing entire ESS for ancillary applications and storage applications, as well as electric vehicle batteries, cells, and chargers. We are currently hiring experts from a variety of disciplines to help us expand our R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Exicom is supported by in house team of amazing R&D engineers for all our core markets who continuously strive to build state of the art solutions for our customers and thus helping accelerate faster transition to a greener environment. The development efforts focus both on leading technologies, & incremental improvements of existing designs and always with an overall aim of increasing performance while reducing costs. Almost all of Exicom’s revenues are derived from in house developed products. We have skill set in areas of power electronic design, firmware, mechanical & thermal design, systems engineering, customized solutions, battery design and product validation

Manufacturing Facilities

Power System

Exicom’s 2 of facilities (in Gurgaon and Solan) are for rectifiers, controllers and power systems with capability to manufacture up to 150K converters and up to 35K power systems per year. Infrastructure includes automatic and manual insertion lines, module assembly and system assembly lines, automatic test stations at every point, burn in / environment testing rooms, and robotic inventory management systems.

Battery System

Exicom’s battery manufacturing facilities can handle up to 75K battery packs per year and future expansion is under progress. Present infrastructure can handle assembly of both cylindrical and prismatic cells into modules, BMS integration activities, and pack assembly. We have advanced end of line testing equipment’s which does automated tests for more than 30 cases per pack. Many machines are customized to suit our requirement to help achieve highest standards of quality.

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