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As biotechnology is an emerging field, tell us about your association with the field and what made you establish Exome?

We were always ahead of the generation in terms of path-breaking technologies. Exome is a sister company of our 23-Year-old well-established and renowned Company for Animal Health care- Intron Life Sciences.

At the time when people were struggling with a basic understanding of biotechnologies and how microbes and microorganisms can be beneficial and innovative for these areas, we had very well-established strategies to enter the market.

Today, we can claim that Exome Lifesciences products are one of the best in the market towards adapting an approach for organic farming.

We have the customer’s sentiments towards organically grown agriculture products. However, organic fertilizer is still a grey area, and our products are a means to bridge a gap for the same.

Tell us about the sustainable solutions that your company offers for agriculture?

Exome offers sustainable solutions for Agriculture ranging from Soil Cleansers, Health and growth Management, and disease management

Soil Cleansers – these are the products required to cleanse the soil. Over years we have exploited our mother earth by using harmful chemicals in the name of fertilizers which has caused the land to go through rough phases like increase in pH, soil quality deterioration, the top 15-30 cm of soil is filled with unwanted chemicals, a thick layer of salt. Extensive usage of fertilizer has caused intense damage to the land and apart from killing the eggs and larvae of unwanted pests they have also damaged the soil for survivability of farmer-friendly earthworms which plays a crucial part in soil health.

The soil cleanser when used cleanses all the above anomalies and reforms the soil so that farmers can gradually move towards healthy and organic farming

Disease, Health, and growth Management- Crops, fruits, Vegetables at every stage are susceptible to virus and bacterial diseases and they need self-immunity to withstand these conditions.

While fighting with these bacterial and viral diseases, the plant requires strength to grow and to grow with enhanced organoleptic properties to help the plant develop the required pulp, taste, look and feel and textures

Exome products help in developing the self-resistance towards the bacteria and viral disease with its disease management products and help enhance the organoleptic properties with its growth management products

The overall combination of products when used in proper combination gives the best results, higher yield as compared to chemical usage, and higher quality thereby not harm the plants/ crops

Our motto:

Vibrant Life | Sustainable future

• No toxic chemicals

• No residue on crops/plants

• No harmful Chemicals

Immunity is a dynamic subject with unavoidable implications in modern biology & medicine. What path-breaking research is your company conducting in the field of immunity?

It’s a very important question and something to be thought about seriously.

If you see, when we start taking one medication and then if we repeatedly take the same, our body becomes immune to it. Instead of this, we should have our inner immunity build to fight these diseases.

In the same way, while pouring excess pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides into the plant the bacteria, fungi, and the virus become immune to these chemicals and the intensity of attack multiplies over time and hence, the crop is not of good quality.

Exome Life Sciences products are revolutionary in a way that we don’t use any “Cides” in our product. No toxic ingredients. They are developed using very advanced and proprietary technology which helps the plant develop an immune system to sustain these different attacks.

Tell us about the trials conducted by your company? What were the results of these trials?

We have amazing trial plots and wherever we grow our business we start with trials. We have successful trial data for Maharashtra, Telangana, AP, Karnataka

Internationally we have done trials in Africa with amazing results as below:

• Cabbage – Highest yield recorded in Nyandarua, Kenya with a maximum of 83.4 tons/ha

• Capsicum (variety Commandant F1)- highest yield at Kirinyaga, Kenya 26.12 tons/ha

• We have local trails where you can see that the organoleptic properties have been enhanced along with the yield: We observed Sugarcane yield to grow from 18 brick to 22 brick using exome product. Similarly, we have a lot of testimonials for Watermelon, Cotton, Sunflower, Paddy, and many more…

How do you manage the finance of this company? What are the constraints with regards to capital management for this company?

We started very small and have been growing with a rapid phase and we are meeting our fund requirements almost through internal accruals and own funds. However, when we launch ourselves pan India and more international markets we will be going in for external funding.

Tell us about the application of Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence in Biotechnology? Does your company utilize Artificial Intelligence Technology? If yes, how?

We do not use BI and AI at this point. However, we realize the power of bioinformatics and AI and will have some plans for future

How important is feedback from clients to you? What feedback have you received from farmers who use your technology?

Feedback is the backbone for the success of our company. In the past few years, we have realized the impact that chemical fertilizers have done and when sometimes the products did not work as expected, we got the farmer’s feedback, and our R&D department did the intense analysis to modify the product for all types of conditions and usage. Hence, Farmer’s feedback is very important.

So far, we have received amazing feedbacks like:

1. After using our soil cleansing product: Trusoil and Nemanil a farmer was filled with tears seeing earthworms in his land after decades and realized his mistake of using harmful fertilizers

2. Another interesting feedback we received was from the farmer was, after eating the left-over leaves of crops his cows and buffaloes denied eating the leaves from his other chemical used farm. This is the best example to show the difference between exome and other products

3. We receive a lot of good feedback from our farmers and keep posting on our LinkedIn and other social media page. Please follow us there

What are the prospects of Exome?

We have conducted amazing and successful trials in Africa where we are an instant hit in the market. The Demand is more than the supply there and we are increasing our production capacity

In India, we are tied up with Coromandel with exclusivity in Telangana, Karnataka, and AP states where we are gradually making our mark with record-breaking sales year on year

We are in the process of opening Exome shop in various parts of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and MP to retail our products directly to farmers.

In the coming future, we are sure to spread our wings in other countries and other states of India

Tell us about yourself. What were your experience in academia and your achievements?

Exome is a manifestation of collective personal commitment for safe food, passion for a safer environment, and deeply rooted drive for quality, sustainability, and innovation of the promoters Mr. P S Murali Krishna who is an entrepreneur with many responsible enterprises to his credit, I am an expert in business intelligence with exposure to business environments across various geographies, Mr. Pavan Kumar Velpur a biotechnologist with expertise in various niche technologies and Mr. P R Suresh an agriculture scientist with thorough expertise in various techno commercial aspects of agriculture and deep knowledge of the latest technological advances across the globe. The collective passion, commitment, and zeal of the promoters are behind Exome investing and sustaining research, in vitro and in vivo trials for close to 14 years before the company was formally incorporated and products were commercially launched.

Tell us about the mechanism of action of TETRAPOWER™?

TETRAPOWER is a balanced blend of a biodegradable organic mixture of bio carrier potash, bioavailable amino nitrates with phosphates, traces of bio carrier/amino impregnated Zinc and Magnesium fortified with microbial peptides. TETRAPOWER is finely articulated for the quick transportation of Bio potash and Bio phosphates, TETRAPOWER safeguards the plants during their life cycle from deficiencies of potassium and phosphate when applied.

Some of the Key Benefits for using TETRAPOWER are:

• Enhances the production and concentration of chlorophyll and increases the rate of new leaf formation and accelerates the plant growth

• Reduces the amount of nutrient supplementation required for plant growth and protects plants against the toxic effects of minerals and fertilizers

• Accelerates the rate of root formation in the plant

• Eradicates the soil pathogens effectively

• Unique formulation makes the active biominerals completely available to the plants

• Is easily absorbed from roots as well as from leaves

• Has a biologically active growth regulated carrier

Year of Founding:2017
Funding Information:Self Funded
Founding Members:P S M Krishna
Office Locations:2nd Floor, Vamsiram Jyothi Celesta, Plot no.66, Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033, Telangana, India
Company Strength:+100 Employees
Company Logo:

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