Exploring the Unexplored

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A quote from history “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” holds lot of meaning in it. Travelling through the unexplored path always astonishes us. There’s barely a person out there who does not like to visit new places and explore new things in life.

I still remember, being in school it always triggered me with excitement running inside my mind to get out from those school walls and travel through those roads that was never been visited. Actually, that excitement was for not being in class under the pressure to compete with my class-mates who were brilliant in studies. Mind filled with lot of questions, which were obviously not from the text books, invariably turned me towards a path for exploring the unknown. Same might have happened with you as well when you were in school.

Childhood is the time when we ask many questions to every elder person as we are curious to know everything we see. Not every kid has the courage to ask questions as they feel shy to question. History and science subject was my favourite and they are still my favourite subjects as they kept me curious throughout my schooling.

Technological Advancements

As I mentioned earlier, small kids are filled with excitement and questions and search for answers around to satisfy their hunger to know more. We humans have evolved since centuries and are still evolving. Our curiosity to make lives better had propelled us in the direction of developing technology. Since the industrial revolution 2.0 we have come a long way.

Be it mechanical development or development in information technology, it dispensed several benefits to many around the globe. Highly engineered electric cars developed by Tesla Incorporation which is transforming our road transport system to our computers and cell phones connecting the globe with the help of internet within our finger tips.

Now we are heading towards 5G technology that could completely change our living standards and pattern as well. This technology could improve the connectivity feature and make our working environment look truly virtual. Tests conducted in various regions have provided promising results.


Visiting your favourite spot on a particular time interval make you feel relax and sometimes travelling to the unknown place gives you different experience. One thing is common while travelling to your regular place or new place, it make you feel alive and fills you with joy. At times, travelling gift’s us what we expected from somewhere else.

We learn a lot from travel, to mark those learning in points are:

• The world outside is not that bad

• Being confident about yourself

• The world has more problems than you think are in your life

• Keeps child in you alive

“Exploration gives us something that could not be discovered at one point. So keep travelling and keep exploring yourself.”

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