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About Fashion Solutions

Our story began with a simple idea: Isn’t it difficult for a designer to extend their creative genius to other aspects of business management? It wasn’t a coincidence that came to our founder’s mind on a beautiful day. It happened while watching his mother, one of the founders of OG designer brands in India, work tirelessly to cover all aspects of brand management and related issues. This is how Fashion Solutions was founded in 2007. 

Our goal is not only to successfully launch fashion brands with an overarching vision from marketing to brand management, digital media, and more, but also with extensive knowledge of the Indian fashion scene to a celebration without Work. We are one of the leading sourcing and sourcing agencies on the subcontinent and are proud to have built a trusted network of retailers and manufacturers.

About Founder

Diksha Sachdev is a graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan. Armed with a Master’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Management, she decided to return to her homeland to offer brands with a distinctive voice and an umbrella of services – a rare offer at the time. Participating in Fashion Week since its inception, it is a reference to the past, present, and future of fashion in India. Although she works with a range of young and established brands and companies, her passion is to discover and coach new talent with the potential to become the stars of tomorrow. 


Since the house purchases a leading fashion in India, we end: from non-boiled sources, production of organizations, price negotiations, quality control, and technical assessment for delivery time and delivery time. Our personal counseling services are targeted with your specific needs, supply, and maintaining your high quality and value. 

Sourcing and Sampling

to translate their thoughts to finished products, we want to deal with all aspects of making light, textile and development, laboratory collapse, adaptation decoration techniques, completion, models, and sales samples. We are a fixed network of suppliers to help the source with suitable materials, accessories, and other materials, at the right points. We constantly follow new manufacturers to track instructions.  


Our production understands the Indian market as aluminum production, such as someone else. We have a wide network of highly skilled vendors, crafts, and suppliers to make production. We are keen on the production of raw materials to the final product, where we hire our network of luxury and compatible factories. With the best price, we manage control standards and quality and management of the entire production process from the beginning to the end. With each stage of our quality control team, we guarantee that the products respect your profile and criteria. 


Shipping includes our follow-up services and sending your goods all over the world. We define the most affordable and effective transportation methods and provide any requests and provide fast clearance and problems. 

What do they do? 

  • Trend Analytics in retailers
  • Sourcing & Buying in retailers
  • Product development in brands
  • Export in brands
  • Digital consultancy in brands
  • Consulting in retailers


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