Fertin Pharma: Innovative Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals Based on Oral and Intra-oral Delivery Systems


Fertin Pharma

CEO: S. Ravi Kumar

What is Fertin?

Fertin India assists some of the world’s most recognizable brands in developing high-quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products at a reasonable cost. They create and produce cutting-edge delivery solutions that boost the efficacy of your active and functional ingredients without sacrificing taste, texture, or the consumer experience.

They are a multinational corporation with over 800 people and a more than 100-year existence. In the 1990s, they began making nicotine chewing gum after beginning as a candy company. They are now the world leaders in medicated chewing gum, thanks to their background and experience. In the United States and the European Union, they control more than 40% of the nicotine gum market. Stop-Nic, their brand on the market, provides them with further information about consumer behavior and preferences.

Their GMP manufacturing facility in Goa and their R&D center in Mumbai are both in India. The company’s global headquarters are in Denmark.

What do they do?

They form effective agreements with prominent pharmaceutical and nutraceutical firms because of their inventive and worldwide profile. They support their customers from product formulation creation to testing, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance, all with the help of an experienced Research & Development team, substantial expertise in sensory optimization, and advanced manufacturing facilities.

They Manufacture Innovative Delivery Systems

The correct delivery systems boost your goods’ efficacy, and a pleasant experience can help you achieve goals like better treatment adherence. Fertin India can assist you in developing effective products with a pleasing taste and mouthfeel that are tailored to your active ingredient and intended audience.

To accomplish so, they’ve combined their more than 30 years of pharmaceutical knowledge with our 100-year heritage in confectionery products, as well as a thorough awareness of local consumers’ flavor, sweetness, and texture preferences.

Some of their delivery systems include:

 Compressed gum

 Extruded gum

Their Contribution to Nicotine Replacement

Fertin is the world’s largest Nicotine Chewing Gum Contract Development and Manufacturing organization. Thousands of individuals throughout the world use their Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products to quit or minimize smoking, avoiding harmful secondhand smoke, a decline in quality of life, and eventually early death.

They have established an unrivaled grasp of NRT and an individual’s cessation journey, both physiological and psychological, over the previous 30 years. Pleasure can help people stick to their treatment plans, which is why it’s so vital to beat addiction. They’ve also seen how culture and individual preferences influence outcomes.

Their research and development are based on the findings of ‘The Nicotine Science Center,’ which focuses on managing nicotine product uptake and dose while minimizing irritation. They may also assist you in customizing your product to fit local preferences for various flavors and sweetness levels. In the Indian market, they conduct consumer research and market intelligence, and they have their brand, ‘Stop-Nic,’ which allows them to understand more about consumers.

Stop-Nic Nicotine Gum

When attempting to quit smoking, you may experience significant withdrawal symptoms such as:

 Intense craving for Cigarettes/Tobacco

 Headache

 Insomnia

 Concentration loss

 Anxiety

 Irritability

 Depression

STOP-NIC is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) gum that helps you quit smoking by lowering the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. It is sugar-free and provides relief from severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms by Releasing a lower, slowly absorbed dosage of Nicotine.

Administration & Dosage

2mg gum

8 to 12 pieces each day. A maximum of 24 gums per day should be consumed. Not more than that.


While chewing STOP-NIC, do not eat, drink, or wear removable dentures. 15 minutes before using STOP-NIC, don’t eat or drink anything.

Industry Pharmaceuticals
Company size 501-1,000 employees
Type Privately Held
Founded 1915
Website: https://fertin.in/

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