Fervent Digital: An Integrated Marketing Agency Passionate about B2B Marketing


What is Fervent?

Fervent is a B2B marketing agency with a love for creating unique experiences that blend digital and creativity with measurable financial results. Their mission is to build trusted brands and to help businesses achieve their goals by generating unforgettable brand experiences on their way to becoming a “Trusted Brand.”

They stay on top of this ever-changing environment so that your firm scales and continues to conquer markets, even though they know the industry is changing by the minute. They not only offer you products or services; but also challenge standards and make your success the gauge of their success, thanks to a decade of expertise.

Their Strategy

They not only work as consultants but also work with clients as partners, taking the time to learn about the company, their goals, and how they interact with customers to help them develop the right strategies, create the right campaigns, and execute them.

They want to be a part of the client’s team and help them achieve their goals. They are more concerned with delivering results than with just carrying out activities. They may even go above and beyond traditional marketing services to assist them in making new contacts or developing new concepts.

Introducing MaaS by Fervent

A customized services framework that can help clients grow their business. Marketing as a Service (MaaS) is a service that combines strategy and execution to assist your marketing initiatives. Different marketing departments will have different priorities and will require tailored help depending on their specific goals. Your MaaS partner should develop customized strategies and techniques to help you achieve your business goals and overcome marketing problems. When you cooperate with them, you will receive the following benefits :

– Access to a knowledgeable staff with experience in planning, demand generation, and marketing performance management across both online and offline channels.

– Insight and advice on the value proposition of your services, the quality and quantity of client touchpoints, and even how marketing and sales may work together effectively.

– A link to insiders in the industry and subject matter specialists. They can put you in touch with persons or organizations who can offer you extra information about your services.

Their services


They provide consultation when you require assistance in determining your business objectives, formulating integrated business strategies, and sketching a precise course of action.


Their methodical approach boosts sales productivity and success by providing content, training, and data to help reps complete more transactions.


They make efforts to attract the right target audience.


They can help clients and their channel partners come on board, collaborate, compete, and grow together by enabling strategic solutions.


It is a term used to describe the process of creating a website. They strive to create meaningful digital experiences that bring people together. Design, technology, content, and marketing all come together in their work. They are obsessively focused on assisting enterprises in achieving essential business objectives through the use of digital technology. They create websites and applications that have a positive influence on sales, advocacy, and lead generation.


A competent team is required to develop and implement a social media strategy that yields actual results. And that’s exactly what they provide: a team of skilled, experienced, and creative B2B social marketing experts who work with you to grow audiences, raise awareness, create connections, and drive opportunity through social media.

Rahul Bahuguna, CEO

He specializes in Online branding, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, online product design, mobile marketing, content monetization, valuation.

Industry Marketing & Advertising
Company size 51-200 employees
Headquarters New Delhi, Delhi
Type Privately Held
Founded 2010
Website: http://www.imfervent.com
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