Figgital: India’s First All-Inclusive Electronics Smart Retail Store


Pandemic Born Electronics Chain ” FIGGITAL ” is the fastest growing Franchise chain in India.

India’s FIRST HYBRID ELECTRONICS SMART RETAIL STORE which work on Offline & Online Module.

Figgital – “Ummeed, See Jyada Figgital Ka Vaayda.”

Presenting the extraordinary story of a personality who is certainly unique and encouraged us by being The Astonishing Entrepreneur, a well-known personality in consumer electronics, and industrial victor the brilliant businessman, Founder & CEO, Figgital ,Mr K.S. Bhatia.

Again we had a great converstion with Mr Sachin Malhotra who is Associate Director, Figgital as well as Mr Aagman Bhaita wo is Executive trainee at Figgital.

In this fast-paced world, the one thing that is needed to be successful is foreseeing changes and adapting with times and Figgital ensures this by the correct application of technology to the growing business.

FIGGITAL is India’s First & Unique platform for consumer electronics. Figgital Provides a “One Stop Shop Solution” with a doorstep delivery within just 30 minutes and not just that – with new services added to it, when customers will be able to find everything under one roof, it’ll be a completely new experience for them.

We are always at your comfort and hence it is present both, online as well as offline. Figgital is a hybrid model that takes good things to form the technology to boost up the performance and deals with the retail sale of electronics and consumer deliverables and therefore.Figgital would also supply India with a new generation market, namely

Appliances with a digital presence in India

With a widespread all over India, Physical and digital are the two words that make up Figgital. Digital stores would be found in urban areas, while real stores would be found in rural areas.Figgital’s 

presence in South India has grown to over 100+ outlets. Figgital already has an affiliation with one of the popular electronics brands with whom they will be working in a CSD business in the South Indian states, in addition to franchisees. Figgital is also collaborating with Jadooz to open Mini Malls in India, with roughly 200 stores set to open across the country.

Why Figgital?Why Figgital?

Keeping variety makes Figgital unique. Unlike other stores, where one finds products of a single brand, Figgital, being a multibrand store, not only provides people with various products of different brands under one roof but also ensures delivery at their doorstep within just 30 minutes.

Figgital was founded to become a hyper-local electronics platform, but fate had other plans for us. When the corona pandemic is driven lockdown occurred, and our aspirations were swept away. Our entire crew had been decimated, and both of our businesses were on the edge of going out of business. Mr Bhatia, on the other hand, is a firm believer in the phrase

In 2015, a revolution occurred in Digital India & even in US where leading IT CEOs were present, and one firm,, received prominence. In his speech before Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the ‘Digital India’ dinner for top IT CEOs in San Jose, California, Google CEO Sundar Pichai referenced Pumpkart’s success story with the name of Mr K. S. Bhatia. The next day, someone bought the domain name, and the scenario abruptly shifted. Mr K. S. Bhatia, the founder of, bought the selling domain name. That’s how one brilliant entrepreneur was born in our country & His signature was transformed into an Autograph

At Figgital, its business style is unlike the traditional one since a majority of it is based on the implementation of technology.

Here are the glimpses of what the Founder & CEO said to us about the FIGGITAL

Figgital was inspired by the future of modern retail stores and e-commerce which is soon to take over the market in the unorganized sector.

Figgital was born in lockdown & we started the process of transforming local consumer durables stores into franchises and more than 25 franchises have been established in the region and Figgital has become a household name. Electronics, Home Appliances, and Kitchen Stores are part of a smart retail store network.Figgital is the notion that blooms as a result of the lockout, and while others are busy showing off their cooking skills and watching Netflix, we were busy building our new brand.

“True Entrepreneur Is a Dreamer as well as a Doer”

Change in your career, change in your personal life, change in your community and organizations. One of the most effective ways of dealing with change is with lifelong learning this is what he believed in.

Dream Big & Never give up in life, it will give you amazing results and here is the great example that we have

“Store on Wheels” This concept came into existence as an innovation in the second pandemic.

5+ stores set up across south in a span of 7 months as well as 50 + stores to be set up with Jadooz Pan India.

During the lockdown, we started converting local consumer durables stores into figgital franchise and establish more than 15+ franchises in the region, like this Figgital became a smart retail store chain of Electronics, Home Appliances & Kitchen Appliances in India with a digital presence.

The biggest support was provided by tie-ups with big brands, without which Figgital wouldn’t have been a success story, finance is one of the most important aspects of a business which we have fulfilled successively along with the tie-ups

What are your views on today’s industry scenario?

Quality matters and to make our customers satisfied, we ensure providing extended Warranty, Insurance & easy Installation. The FMCG Industry was recording a growth of 9-10% before the pandemic and after being hit by the Pandemic, the growth has been limited to just 13%.On the other hand, the scenario in the Consumer Deliverables Industry in the past year is such that it has grown 25%.

So we have to come with a solution to such modern problems. Being a positive & innovative mind, I want to ease everyone’s efforts for buying electronic products with taking care in Covid-19 lockdown.

Nothing is impossible in my opinion, provided you are dedicated to reaching your goal. Nobody can stop you, and one thing I would like to point out here is that if you believe in god, you should also believe in miracles that do occur. It occurs when you have faith in yourself and are never weary of working hard and giving your all.

My Father, My Hero, My Real Inspiration

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he just did it and let me watch.”

I learned so much from him and those lessons have played a notable role in my success.

Dr Bhatia’s father was a significant influence in his life, who imparted him with the wisdom of the 3Hs – Humility, Honesty and Humanity. He used these principles throughout his personal and professional journey, eventually inclining towards entrepreneurship instead of a stable corporate job.

“True words from true people with true minds and true experiences help us a lot and give correct directions and we felt this story as a lighthouse for new entrepreneurs.” – Mr Bhatia

Figgital is transforming the industry by creating a brilliant way of providing a genuine hybrid platform for various brands under one roof. It is making history for the fastest growing industry from India, with its futuristic approach.

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