FIND FRE was created in October 2020 and is registered with the (MSME and Startup India Hub), but it was seeded in October 2016. With insufficient funds and was completed in less than two months. I started researching again to see where the differences were. After a three-year wait, FIND FRE launched its full functionality and saw a 400% growth in customers in just six months. . .

The following are the features of the meeting led with Swiftnlift Business Magazine. We are happy to impart this selective discussion to every one of the Peruser.

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Swiftnlift Business and Vykunta Rao Boddepalli, Founder & CEO of FIND FRE.

Vision :

Our Vision is to consciously improve our quality digital hospital services smartly and provide a platform that will help many to search and get the best health services 11 for a low cost.

Mission :

Our Mission is to provide global digital health services which will help patients or beneficiaries to get Quality Services from their nearest health care providers and avail discounts/free coupons provided by FIND FRE Medical Services.

Since the world, fast digitalization FIND FRE aims to provide limited free private health services to the needy with its associated private service provider hospitals. FIND FRE is a unique health Mobile app in India.

Find Fre has its unique app interface, content and business strategy because of long size market capture. The brand name FIND FRE itself creates thought on user mind to get a free service with this app, also covered most of the services related to the health industry and I can say most of the existing mobile apps in the industry will follow our business concept in upcoming years.

This is why one should go with FINDFRE MEDICAL SERVICES

Health is a basic necessity for all, and it should be available at a reasonable rate. However, most of us are having difficulty finding the right care provider for our needs, as well as financial difficulties in obtaining a low-cost private healthcare service.

As the world has become digitalized, FIND FRE aims to offer a small number of free private health services to the poor through its associated private care provider hospitals.

  • FIND FRE is a unique health Mobile app in India. It has its unique app interface, content and business strategy because of long size market capture.
  • The brand name FIND FRE itself instils in the mind of the consumer the desire to receive a free service with this app. It also covers the majority of services related to the health sector, and I am certain that most existing mobile applications in the industry will adopt our business model in upcoming years.

Something simple might have been stalling and that is the real obstacle we can find

In most rural India, people’s evolution to personal contact with doctors for noncommunicable diseases has slowed the process.

Views on today’s industry scenario, strategy to reach new industries and new customers

The health industry growing fast with advanced technological support and adaption of Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Engineering and digitalisation and many other good governances found these days. The patient’s counselling has an impact on their ability to heal quickly.

Even as we move closer to digitalization, personal counselling with patients is still needed. To reach out to required clients Aside from digital marketing, FIND FRE assigned village volunteers, councillors, and a regular squad.

Every day, we evolve to be better.

Both the demand and supply sides of the digital health ecosystem in India are expected to see a massive increase. In India, an ecosystem of health AI, robotics, chatbots, and other technological solutions will assist in addressing major challenges.

The Covid pandemic demonstrated the importance of telemedicine and digital health. In the global quick digitalization of the health techno industry, FIND FRE is always able to embrace its strategies. We are constantly observing and identifying customer needs to provide a better solution that will earn the customers’ confidence.

That’s how we work on making the industry better

In every business, the customer is the god. To improve the health industry, we propose a variety of strategies, including the use of health techno systems, a novel approach to changing rural people’s minds about digital health facilities by naming village/ward advisors, and novel hospital branding techniques, as well as the development of hundreds of new job opportunities will be waiting.

The journey of the founder and the inspiration behind it

Vykunta Rao. Boddepalli, Founder & CEO of FIND FRE. I had 12 years of medical industry experience in various Telugu states, and I was particularly interested in public health services.

At the age of 20, Ratan Tata inspired me. I desire to be an innovative entrepreneur who is also involved in public health, so I managed to bring digital health services to my motherland that will be in high demand in the future.

I completed my MBA at Andhra University and worked for three well-known medical college associates. and served as a Hospital Administrator and Human Resource Manager at three reputable medical college-affiliated hospitals, as well as an Administrative Consultant at GJ Hospitals & Trauma Centre in Visakhapatnam.

Following extensive market research and study, I founded FIND FRE to provide Limited free private health care services, as this is a basic need that everyone should have access to for at least a limited period.

  • To provide continuous and dedicated services, FIND FRE has partnered with 25+ hospitals, 30+ registered diagnostic centres, 50+ nursing staff, 15 ambulances, a small number of volunteers, subject experts, content authors, and 4+ Project Interns (IIIT Bhopal) in multiple cities across India.
  • In 2009, the Andhra Pradesh state government honoured us for providing the best services to the public with 108 emergency services (public-private partnership) (at age 20).
  • A member of AIB (Academy of International Business), Michigan State University, USA.

We plan significant developments in the coming years.

  • With our predetermined policies, we have been able to achieve rapid growth at a very early (6-month) point.
  • We are currently operating in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, and a few big Indian cities online. By 2023, we intend to expand to 20 states and have global digital health services by 2027.


Find Fre is India’s best and fastest digital health startup. Vykunta Rao. Boddepalli founded Vykunta Rao. Boddepalli to fill the India infrastructure gap with remote areas through its digital mobile app and incorporated in the year October 2020 to provide free restricted corporate treatment and also covered most health care facilities but limited including.

  • Online free doctor consultation,
  • Nursing home care services,
  • Free doorstep lab diagnostic services,
  • Free Ambulance services
  • Online Covid 19 assistance and consultation,
  • Medical camps in remote areas
  • Buy or Sell medical devices and equipment
  • Consultancy/ Mentor services (ISO/NABH)

With its empanelled health care professionals and skilled partners, to the vulnerable. All free programmes are restricted to the use of coupons.

Sources and references FIND FRE
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