Fintree Finance Pvt. Ltd.

4. Lalit Shah President _ CEO Fintree Finance Pvt Ltd 10 best Corporate Leaders from Mumbai 2022

Quick loan approval for swift business process

Fintree Finance is an Impact Lender based out of Mumbai that aims to uplift the MSME segment in India by helping them achieve the necessary financial inclusion and creating a positive social impact. A thought-driven approach of building a team of professionals with diverse pre-work DNA has led to a distinctive and unique amalgamation of ideas, processes, and operational experience, making Fintree Finance a unique – boutique NBFC that serves the MSME segment in India. fulfills unmet needs. in a strong, fast, and efficient manner.

They currently operate in Mumbai and Delhi, they offer short-term loans to merchants based on digital payments taking place at their outlets. Loan against digital payments is a short-term loan facility extended to merchants who have a Point-of-Sale (POS) machine installed in their premises. Fintree Finance uses its in-house technology platform, coupled with robust analytics and algorithms for origination, underwriting, and disbursement of loans and helps this MSME segment, enter the formal credit system and access their credit Improves profile.

The core idea of ​​Why Not Lending has led to the development and continued development of proprietary algorithms at Fintree Finance, which analyze digital payment data from a simple bank statement of a merchant. The algorithm identifies and defines a specific set of data deductions that accurately predict the merchant’s repayment capacity to arrive at the best lending offer.

Their Values

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Accountability

Their Products:

  • FinSwipe (POS Loan): Fintree offers loans on digital payments to merchants to help them grow their business and take them one step closer towards financial inclusion. Their tailor-made product, Credit/Debit Card Swipe-based digital payment-based loan at POS (Point of Sale) machine at merchant outlets, thereby providing much-needed financial assistance to the merchants.
  • FInBlaze (NACH Loan): Grow your business with FinBlaze, Fintree Finance Unsecured Business Loan. Get an easy, fast, and easy loan to meet your financial needs. Fintree Finance is offering FinBlaze, a quick and easy business loan with minimal documents. Their tailor-made product makes it easy for all businesses. Get loans easily, and make loans available for all businesses, whether traditional or modern.
  • Education Loan: Fintree Finances  Education Fee Loan provides a one-stop financial solution for both parents and schools alike. With an easy loan process and flexible payment options, parents can better plan their finances and child’s future. Also helping institutions in hassle-free fee collection and eliminating working capital issues.


They aim to leverage the experience of over a quarter-century in the BFSI sector and help this under-served MSME segment of the country by adopting the latest technology.


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