7.Amit More, Founder _ CEO - Finzy - The 10 Most Promising Finance Companies In India 2022

Finzy is a premier peer-to-peer lending solution in India. They connect Borrowers looking for quick personal loans with low-interest rates to investors who are looking for a powerful new asset class that provides fair returns. Their focus is on making the entire process simple and easy. Finzy is owned and operated by Bridge Fintech Solutions Private Limited. They are a small but passionate bunch, with varied backgrounds. The founding team is comprised of folks with rich experience in banking, finance, sales, product, and technology.

Finzy is a non-hierarchical, self-organized set-up. They have cross-functional teams continuously striving to achieve ambitious business goals that encompass all aspects of finance, keeping their users at the center of what they do. Their business is powered by an energetic sales & operations team, a tech team that works on an innovative digital platform, and a strong credit risk assessment team that uses their proprietary credit assessment algorithm to ensure that the right borrowers are on the platform.

Why Borrow With Finzy?

  1. Flexibility and Transparency: At Finzy, they provide you the benefit of a low monthly EMI, thanks to their 36-month loan tenure. You also can prepay your loan fully or partially whenever you want with no penalties incurred.
  • Security and Privacy:
  • Your personal information is never revealed to evaluating investors
  • Loans funded only by screened investors
  • Finzy assures your data is secure and not shared or misused
  • Finzy remains your contact point despite loans being funded by multiple investors
  • Credit Assessment: Their evaluation process goes beyond the traditional approach of banks.By assessing borrowers on multiple parameters and not limited to just credit score or only to employees of Selective Corporate, they can offer loans to a much larger borrower segment
  • Multiple Loans: Being responsible pays off – Customers with a great borrowing track record on Finzy can access loans from Finzy multiple times while their current loan and its terms remain unchanged.
  • Quick. Easy:
  • The online loan application process
  • Loans funded in as less as 48 hours
  • Finzy facilitates execution of loan agreement either digitally or at your doorstep

They take care of your trust by assigning a deserving credit rating to each borrower and supporting investment, documentation, monthly collections, account reconciliation, and recovery. They at Finzy were expecting this Budget to consider their proposal for making P2P lending exposure as tax-deductible under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. They remain positive that both MoF and RBI would consider their proposal to help this nascent industry to provide hassle-free credit to borrowers and proliferate P2P lending as a fixed income asset class.


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