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Complete digital solution to enhance your internet presence

An award-winning design consultancy with a deep passion for creating human-centered experiences. Fractal Ink is a design consultant with a constant focus on experiential and human-centered design. Their main focus is design, development, research, and strategy. With over 100 people, they have researchers, designers, developers, and content creators providing services across the CX spectrum – digital strategy, UX, UI, front-end engineering, motion graphics, and more.

Customer experience or CX is defined as the experience that an organization provides to its customer at every touchpoint of the interaction, throughout the customer journey and the life cycle of the business relationship. And this is exactly what they specialize in helping their clients – from defining and planning their entire CX roadmap to designing and executing each intervention as a best-in-class experience.

In-depth research, honed processes, an innovation-oriented mindset, and a burst of inspiration coupled with hard work have enabled us to consistently deliver compelling solutions – some of which have become the gold standard in the industry.

What do They do?

  • Digital Strategy: Leveraging the power of digital technology to transform and streamline businesses.
  • User Experience: The craft of keeping the user at the center and creating experiences that engage and enable.
  • User Interface: Creating a layer that provides differentiation and brings to life the personality of the brand.
  • Augmented Reality: A future where virtual reality mixes are here today!
  • User Research: A process that enables us to choose the nuances of user behavior and provide actionable insights.
  • Front-End Engineering: Engineering breathes life into our imaginations and puts ideas into real use.
  • Motion Graphics: The transitions, animations, and story were brought to life.
  • Brand Design: Defining the personality of a brand. Defining its communication strategy. Designing brand language.
  • Applicability Study: An integral part of the process of continuous enhancement of user experiences.
  • Competition Design: Think of them when an event needs to leverage technology and content!
  • Product Design: Partner in the effort to create unique products and add value to the lives of users.
  • Sound Experience: Creating experiences in the most natural way that humans interact – through voice.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance the user journey.
  • Internet Of Things: Everyday objects are transforming themselves in this connected revolution to become smart.


They always conducted extensive primary and secondary research to understand the behavior of the space and the audience. They broke down the content and put them into different buckets by genre, appeal, audience, etc. they decided that each such bucket should be looked at and treated differently given that one size does not necessarily fit all!


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