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Indian farmers had suffered a lot in terms of selling their produce to the market. There was always an issue of transparency to trade as those practices were decades old and were under the control of middlemen who use to manipulate the price rate to gain highest number of profit. But, this profit was never shared with the farmer.

Now we have many startups in agriculture sector of India who are helping out farmers understand the whole ecosystem and produce according to that. Freshokartz is one of those ambitious startup to help Indian farmer grow in economic manner and improve their lifestyle. This company was incorporated and currently working in the state of Rajasthan and currently active in 15 districts. Freshokartz runs on B2B business model where farmers and Bulk buyers are the two parties involved in the transaction.

Key Working Areas


They have seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and few more input products in the portfolio which are essential in the initial process of farming. Famers get an option to order the required material by dialing a number and the ordered products will get delivered at your doorstep. You can avail the opportunity to order from the humongous list of 10,000 different types of products.


Previously, demand was high and production was low. Later agriculture revolution lead to immense growth in yield of variety of crops and other agriculture produce. Our farmers were less literate , hence, they knew very less about the pricing model due to which they use to get undervalue for their yield. This problem was also undertaken by Freshokartz and gave the farmer a platform to sell their high quality fresh yield at a rate which they deserved.

Transparency was one of the key factors in this process. Immediate amount were transferred to the farmer’s bank account created trust and faith in them. Direct connectivity to the market made even small and marginal farmers confident about selling their yield and not to dump it back to the soil.

Crop Advisory

Agri-tech startups have a dedicated team of field experts who can study and guide farmers according to the crop and soil quality. This service stands crucial as the soil is tested before sowing seeds. Once the team completes the field survey, they can assess the farmers according to the conditions and recommend seeds and fertilizers to it.


Famers lack in finance initially, as they are less literate to financial planning. Due to low budget, many marginal farmers miss out to use latest equipment and machineries to increase their yield. It happens at times, when the season is near and farmers are running out of cash at that moment. To fill this gap Freshokartz provide credit facility to purchase or hire the essential machineries in order to cultivate crops from their farm land.

More to the service

Farmers get regular updates from Freshokartz about the weather report and how to manage their farm. Even latest government policies related to farming and new subsidies are being informed to farmers. Farmers get complete knowledge as and when required. This helps them to make smart efforts to grow their yield from farms and gain some economic benefit as well.

Farmer’s Response


“Having a small farm, my husband has to work in remote areas to maintain the family, due to which all the responsibility of farming and family fell on me. With no shop near the village, it was very difficult to leave the field empty and due to no means, the whole day was wasted and the expenses were also very high. But Freshokartz not only provided the goods sitting at home, but also kept the facility of help center for better farming and increased yield, where we were provided all the information from sowing to harvesting free of cost. Freshokartz has benefited many other farmer sisters along with me”.

Company size:11 – 50 employees
Headquarter:Jaipur, Rajasthan
Type:Privately held

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