From fancy avatars to hot-desking

Startups developing business models of the future have been getting quite creative lately. For example, the video chat platform Gather envisioned a work-life where employees’ digital avatars become an extension of their identity when they leave a virtual cell in a virtual office environment.

Team leaders on this platform can customize workspaces that resemble the interface of a Pokémon game, and enable employees to meet and socialize in virtual environments designed for personal taste.

Indian startups have, in fact, already started using the Gather platform to design such virtual workspaces.

Social gaming startup IMBR has been utilizing the Collect platform to construct its digital workplace house, and its adoption up to now has been encouraging, says co-founder Prashant Prabhakar.

“We used the map generator process to design the (digital) house with partitions reserved for the product, progress, and engineering groups. Even our interviews and recruiting now take place in private space on the platform,” Prabhakar says.

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