7. Nikhil Gangurde - Founder- Fusspot- Top 10 Best Enterprise Software Startups In 2021

About Us

At Fusspot, we believe technology should transform the way you work, so you can be more informed, empowered and connected through every interaction and in every relationship you serve. Right from the year of launch, Fusspot has been following the principle of building & implementing great ideas that empower the clients business & enhance their lives through innovative enterprise solutions.

Grow with us for an ever-changing world of technology by co-creating breakthrough solutions through mobility, big data analytics and web!

Why Choose Us

Global enterprises are making the shift to digital technology to produce better business outcomes. Fusspothas the ability to lead digital transformations for customers by modernizing and integrating their mainstream IT, and by deploying digital solutions at scale for a successful digital future.

We lead customers on their digital transformation journeys, multiply their capabilities, and help them harness the power of innovation to thrive on change.

  • Great Technology
  • Certified Engineers
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  • Best Branding

Fusspot Innovative IT Business Solutions & Services

1. Analytics

Our Analytics Services accelerate your ability to uncover valuable insights and apply them quickly to improve business outcomes.

Fusspot Analytics solutions and services address specific analytic solution needs to run your business better. These include: Customer Analytics, Industrialised Advanced Analytics, Analytics Consulting, Situational

Awareness Analytics, Social Analytics, Predictive Maintenance Analytics, Spend Analytics, Warranty Analytics.

Our advisory services leveraging industry best practices and analytic methods to turn data into insights that solve various business challenges.

Why choose this service

Fusspot Analytics and AI Platform solutions will help you drive analytics deeper into your organisation without adding to your estate or busting your budget. Contact us today to learn how we can help you gain the advantage you need to thrive on change.

2. Cloud and Platform Services

Adopt and scale new cloud solutions globally while integrating with your traditional IT infrastructure.

While enterprises are seeking ways to lower costs and achieve greater agility, security and resiliency, most will maintain on-premises workloads for years to come in a multicloud environment spread across data centers and private and public clouds.

Fusspot consultants help you identify important ways to simplify and optimize IT environments: Rationalize and align application portfolios, refresh platforms, deploy infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions, optimize workloads and implement intelligent automation.

Unlock the value of business platforms through modernization

The appeal of the cloud reaches beyond immediate benefits such as provisioning resources at the touch of a button and moving to pay-as-you-go IT infrastructure. Today, applications running in the cloud are the platform of choice for business innovation.

Modern apps practices enable organisations to unlock the insights and business value in legacy applications while lowering costs, future-proofing infrastructure and improving agility. They help dramatically shorten the time from a new idea to the secure launch of new business initiatives, allowing quick rollout of new

points of differentiation for customer service, data access and customer insights. Enterprises can rapidly disrupt the competition — or rapidly respond to disruption.

3. Cloud Applications

Our Services help you build and scale new digital capabilities aligned to your industry and business processes.

Fusspot provides industry, business process, systems integration, technical delivery experience and innovation to deliver value and innovation with your enterprise application portfolio. Our global teams can help you deploy end-to-end solutions based on third party SaaS solutions and enterprise application software (whether hosted in the cloud or in a traditional data center environment). Our expert global team partners with you to build your digital core, powered by enterprise applications that reinvent your business landscape and maximize your business benefits across core business functions

4. Internet of Things

Our IoT Services help you generate real-time insights from connected devices and sensors to maximize value chains, improve agility and reduce costs.

The Internet of Things (IoT) in India is developing into one of the biggest changes in industry, business and education which we have seen since the development of the world wide web.

We’re seeing the emergence adoption of this smart technology which connects people, machines and industrial processes making industry smarter, more efficient and more profitable. The issue for most companies is how to best utilise IoT, AI and EPR and bring it online in their business in a way that saves them time, money and effort.

5. Workplace and Mobility

Our Workplace and Mobility Services help you build a user-centric, digital workplace that enables employees to work efficiently and collaborate effectively.

Advances in technology, the impacts of COVID-19, a shift in global workforce demographics, labor shortages, increased competition and changes in consumer behavior are accelerating the pace of change in the workplace. These changes are having a profound and disruptive impact across the organisation, requiring businesses to rethink their workplace strategy to create the new normal workplace. What’s more, as demand for increased remote working, mobility, the gig economy, and flexible work environments take hold, there is a renewed focus on enterprise security to protect corporate IP and data. In today’s digital world, businesses must adapt – or risk being left behind by more agile competitors.

6. Consulting

Our Consulting Services offer world-class expertise and unique intellectual property to confidently guide you and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

*This interview is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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