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About the Founder

I did my Masters in Computer Science and PGD in Data Analytics, so I understood how AI and Computer Science can change the world. Before joining the industry, I worked as a Lecturer. During that period, I went through a lot of challenges and always wanted to make a difference in this field. But then I got an opportunity to join a startup as a Machine Learning Engineer. That’s how my career in the industry started. 

I learned a lot about product development there. I understood how to convert PoCs into great products. However, I realized that I was trying to solve problems in a certain area within their portfolio and wanted to build something in the field of EdTech. I always wanted to revolutionize the edtech learning platform where the online learning experience could be exactly the same as in-class learning. So, I started Gahan AI, and now every day fuel my passion with my work towards making something that changes the field of Education for good. Moreover, this also gives me a chance to freely think about how I can innovate in the EdTech space with AI which is evolving and transforming the various other industries. 

Story behind GAHAN AI

While working on some of the AI-related problems in my previous organization, it again connected me with my initial dream about transforming the EdTech space and bridging the gap between the online and in-class experience. From my experience as a lecturer, I remember the challenges I faced. 

Our Platform can significantly lower the cost of an online learning platform while providing the same in-class experience. A few problems that immediately hit my mind, where AI can make a significant difference in this space were –

  • To bridge the technology gap, as not all teachers are Technology Savvy
  • To Provide a Secure and User-Friendly platform that can protect IP  
  • To bring and scale in-class experience to the online platform

Goals & Vision

Our goal is to equip all the teachers in India with tools that can enhance their quality of teaching. 

We understand that teaching is more of an art, and there are many good teachers with great teaching methodologies. But, they are not in the position to adapt & compete with some admired companies in this space due to the technology gap. Students and more importantly, their parents look at these technologies as access to class recordings, monitoring student growth & learning as features that can help their children learn better and faster. 

Some of these technologies indeed help a lot but that is not the entire story. The teachers and their teaching methodologies are invaluable. That’s where we thought we could add value and empower these teachers with a platform that can help them improve their quality of teaching while complimenting their innovative teaching methods with our innovative technology platform.

Our Vision is to make Gyaan the most preferred platform for teachers. It has innovative features like an easy-to-use online classroom with student monitoring, automatic exam, assignment evaluation, student growth tracking, helping improve teaching with animations for less technically equipped teachers, support for various Indian Languages, automatic captioning, and many more. 

About products & services

“Gyaan” A Gahan AI Product. “Gyaan” is an AI-based Secured & Organized E-Learning Platform for Virtual Classes. It runs on all types of devices: mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Gyaan does all the tasks that a typical e-Learning Platform does, like Video streaming services, automatic evaluations, lecture management systems, online classrooms, bulletin boards, whiteboards in online classrooms, breakout rooms, hierarchical audience, privileges, etc. But what makes Gyaan different are:

1. Provide IP and Data security to the content of the teachers and institutes, like download protection of videos, dynamic watermarking with students/viewers’ information to discourage recording, etc.

2. Unlimited to students in a class

3. WhatsApp integration

4. Monitoring audience/viewers’ appropriate contents

5. Monitoring attentiveness of students

6. Malpractice detection in online examinations

7. Personalization of Learning patterns for individual students

Infusion of ML & AI for the smooth functioning of mobile applications

AI is at the core of Gyaan and almost all of the features are powered by AI. Gyaan runs on web and mobile seamlessly. However, for mobile platforms, the latency or response time of any of these AI & ML applications is very important in the smooth functioning of mobile applications. We target a certain area that dominates the runtime and tries to replace existing methods with our own proprietary optimized versions of these machine learning algorithms. We have a great team of engineers who have large experience in ML algorithm optimizations, and this has been our secret recipe for having so many ML models in the pipeline.

Views on AI & ML acceptance in India

Whether we realize it or not, AI & ML is being adopted at large by Indians across geographies. I believe if a product can help solve a problem well, then people will accept it. If you see the world around us, surveillance, retail, shopping, entertainment, deliveries, banking, payments, and transactions. All of them are powered by AI & ML. 

Be it the movies or series recommendations or the social media feeds we enjoy. Be it the items we buy or the payment portal we use for purchasing that item, there are some components in these pipelines which are already using AI & ML. 

Yes, there are a lot of issues concerning data privacy and security. However, I am sure our leaders are working towards forming the correct legislation and policies to counter these challenges. 

Year of Founding:24th July 2020
Founding MembersSohini Hazra & Dr. Pallab Maji
Funding information:Bootstrapped
Office Locations:Suite No.874, 39, NGEF Lane, 2nd Floor, Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560 038
Company Strength: 15-20

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