11. Rohit Bhaatnagar Director CTO GaragePlug 10 Best Leaders in Automotive Industry 2022

SaaS based solutions to garage service providers

GaragePlug is the fastest-growing automotive technology company, founded and operated by automotive and technology experts with over 60 years of automotive domain experience in developing highly efficient and scalable software systems and platforms. GaragePlug helps workshop/garage manage customers, service reminders, customer feedback, job cards, invoices, inventory, and accounting from their smartphone or any device.

Today, 1000’s of auto repair and detailing businesses worldwide are benefiting from GaragePlug to achieve operational excellence, customer loyalty, and business growth. Their goal is to help millions of automotive businesses around the world.

Why Choose Them?

  • Enterprise-Grade Software: Highly secure and scalable system with role-based access control. World-class cloud infrastructure with automatic backup.
  • Manufactured by Automotive Experts: Designed by automotive experts that cover every minute detail of business operations with integrated industry best practices.
  • Excellent support and training: Hassle-free onboarding process and in-platform real-time live chat support to get you started. Online and video product training support.

Their solution

  • Oil / Lubricant OEM: A better way to lock in customers and repeat business.
  • OEM Distributor: Modernize the Experience for Your Customers and Employees.
  • Tire / Battery OEM: Charge Your Tire/Battery OEM with Unbeatable Customer Experience.
  • Fleet Operations Business: Bring the complete dealership experience to your customer’s doorstep. Supports mobile service vans, smart fleet maintenance, and more.
  • Auto Service & Repair Franchisee: Spend more time on repairs and less on customer communication.
  • Car Wash And Detailing Center: Bridging the gap between customers and businesses.
  • Oil/lube Service Center Chain: A better way to impress customers and repeat business.
  • Motorcycle Service Center Chain: An intelligent cloud platform for managing and maintaining motorcycle service centers.
  • Auto Repair Center: A premium cloud platform to enhance the customer experience of your auto repair workshops.
  • Car Detail Center: Give your business a premium experience to make a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Multi Brand Service Workshop: Take complete control with seamless communication between you and your customers.
  • Other Workshops: Motorcycle Repair Workshop, Heavy Duty Repair Workshop, Boat Repair/Detailing Workshop.


Customers always come first at GaragePlug, they engage with you regularly to understand your problems and work in a kaizen manner. As part of their long-term vision, they are working towards creating a connected ecosystem for the automotive industry, where all stakeholders (OEMs, parts dealers, auto repair shops, consumers, or vehicle owners) are seamlessly connected.


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