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Talent enhancement for the required job role in every possible industry

GenuineIn is a new-age technology platform service for academic, training, and recruitment organizations. Their vision is to create intelligence through technology innovation that leads to better collaboration between education providers, learners, and talent seekers. They are a team of highly experienced professionals with over 300 years of combined experience in various industry sectors: IT, Education, Corporate, Government, Training, and Human Resources.

They provide innovative products and services to the education industry. GenuineIn is used in over 20 countries and regions. It connects 200+ institutes, 1000+ corporates, and hundreds of thousands of students.

Their Product Spectrum

Technology has enabled educational stakeholders to play and share information through community networks. Their platform and products automate various processes in the learning environment to provide analytical output through data engineering practices.

  • Learning Experience Management
  • Credential Management
  • Career Center Management
  • Exam Management
  • Supports Learning
  • Student Profile Management

Their Products:

  1. Career Center: they provide a career development framework that includes student career paths, skill gap analysis, career development resources, and talent tracking. Students are helped to identify extra-curricular activities, research, internships, and additional learning through their platform.
  • Genuine Portfolio: they build a comprehensive portfolio with the ecosystem that connects students, institutions, mentors, course providers, and event organizers for profile data approval, credential issuance, record entry, assessment results posting, support, and data authentication.
  • Genuine Certificates: Genuine Certificates provides a certificate management platform to generate, generate, print, share and verify smart certificates with embedded cloud technology. The state-of-the-art certificate service forms the certificate ecosystem and ensures the security of information and the authenticity of the certificates being issued.
  • Campus Recruiter: Remote hiring is on the verge of becoming the new norm. they provide a technology that prepares you to spot talent in higher education institutions. GenuineIn helps employers with campus recruitment by providing data, credentials, and analytics.
  • Genuine Mentor: they offer a mentoring program in collaboration with mentors for graduate students who are professionals in their respective industries. Students can connect with the right mentor to achieve personal, professional, and academic goals.
  • Genuine Skill Test: They provide an online marketplace for a host of skill assessment programs to assess the personality, learning, knowledge, and employability skills of the individual. Skill checker is available for almost every skill required by industries. Candidates can take self-test to assess their strengths, and weakness and understand their readiness for the role. The test results will be recorded in the actual portfolio.


In today’s highly competitive market environment, due to competition and minimal job opportunities, candidates are tempted to falsify credentials. The industry has learned that many academic certificates obtained from applicants appear to be fictitious. Hence, there is a dire need to adopt such technology which ensures the genuineness of the candidate. They provide an innovative platform that enables institutions and organizations to exchange data with personal data repositories that manage intellectual property and achievements.

The GenuineIn platform is served from the cloud to generate authentic profiles with credentials. It creates a profile ecosystem that connects Academic Institutions, Corporate, Course Providers, Certificate Agencies, Testing Service Providers, and Membership Organizations to pass credentials directly to the candidate’s profile. GenuineIn adds substantial value to individuals and society.


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