6. Naresh Chandra Sharma Getset EVCS LLP 10 Best Leaders in Automotive Industry 2022

EV charging infrastructure network for better e-mobility solution

Getset EVCS LLP is a group of people specialized in various fields, having loads of experience in various innovative and challenging tasks, thus gaining a lot of practical and valuable knowledge. They strive to provide quality, efficient and convenient services to their customers through their infrastructure network of Charging Stations in India.

A universal issue is the threat of thermal pollution, which has resulted in global warming. And it’s one of the major contributors is the transport sector. Internal combustion engines emit toxic emissions such as NOx, CO, CO2, etc due to partial combustion or due to improper combustion of fuel in IC engines, causing smog, and it creates eyesight and irritation due to toxic emissions, especially in urban areas where vehicular density is high.

This situation has compelled them to look for alternative modes of movement and transport of goods by using alternative fuels like electricity, hydrogen, natural gas, etc. However, immediately replacing the existing fossil fuel-powered automobiles is an impossible task. And would destabilize such an effort. The economy of any country for that matter. Essentially, this should be done in a phased manner. Again it is not possible to completely replace the current diesel and petrol powered automobiles. They are a necessary evil. Only, a major part of the transportation requirement, such as 50 to 60%, can be met by electric vehicles, hydrogen, and CNG-powered automobiles. However, the availability of CNG is limited and limited to certain geographical locations only. In addition, hydrogen-powered automobiles on the road need to pass several tests before they can become a reality.

Requirement of Charging Stations for EVs:

  • Only when charging facilities are in abundance will people be encouraged to go for EVs. Realizing this plight, the central government is planning several schemes like subsidizing EV customers and increasing the number of EV charging platforms under the FAME program.
  • Growth in the middle-class population with potential purchases and steady economic growth.
  • Fuel price hike
  • The potential need for alternative technologies in automobiles such as Electric Vehicles (EVs) in India
  • Government push – subsidies and tax incentives
  • Clean energy initiative
  • Local business push

Describing How They Support

  • After setting up a questionnaire, they can tailor them based on the customer’s desire for a complete EV charging solution.
  • With the query taken, they can create the package that best suits the needs of the customer.
  • Software, hardware, and services may then be provided accordingly.
  • General details about hardware and software can also be given in the form of an outline, in the form of information on the webpage.
  • Finally, when all the required details are gathered, a general quotation can be made. Be it for commercial, private, or personal establishments.


‘Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) includes the external electrical equipment of an electric vehicle that provides the connection for an electric vehicle to a power source for charging and with advanced features such as smart metering Also equipped, cellular capacity and network connectivity.


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