Goodluck: Modular Kitchens and Furnitures


What are Modular Kitchens?

The foundation of the company was laid by Kavita Gupta, CEO. In Mumbai and Pune, they are some of the most renowned manufacturers and assemblers of Modular kitchens. They have a large range of products from well-known top-class German brands such as Hettich, Hafele, Blum, Kaff, Faber, and others, including baskets, shutters, hardware accessories, appliances, chimneys, and hobs. They can proudly declare that we are one of the best modular kitchens & furniture suppliers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune, with over two decades of service and hundreds of well-designed & constructed kitchens with delighted customers. From selling a product to providing a service, they’ve made the transition. With a product lifetime guarantee for their modular kitchens & furniture, Goodluck modular kitchen maintains a high level of service delivery. Teamwork is the most critical aspect in the success of Goodluck kitchen. They are firm believers in teamwork, which provides them with an advantage over their competition. They have an in-house design team that provides trendy and unique solutions that satisfy their clients. A well-trained installation staff is also always eager to complete projects ahead of schedule, and the combined efforts of both teams create their customers’ dream kitchens.


Their mission is to provide everyone with the highest quality modular kitchens and furniture in the globe and to provide a completely safe and high-quality modular kitchen and furniture system.


Their vision is to create imaginative kitchens, one-of-a-kind, and reflect your lifestyle while also allowing you to design your kitchen using the highest quality goods available.


They have two aims :

– To be the most innovative in the modular kitchen market.

– To provide a comprehensive selection of accessories, appliances, and kitchens to exceed customer expectations


The company’s motive is to consistently produce the most up-to-date products while pursuing growth through design, innovation, and improvement.

Why choose them?

The company is unique in three ways :

Software for designing kitchens

On a diversion from most interior designing settings, this company provides software for kitchen designing. The kitchen design software allows you to plan, design, and construct an indoor kitchen. This software also allows you to select kitchen furniture, fixtures, sinks, flooring, and any other things that you may require in the kitchen. It enables the user to imagine the kitchen before proceeding with the construction.

Price Rivalry

They supply you with a high-quality product that best complements your kitchen, as well as a pricing advantage over the market.

The Test of Quality

They utilize every single thing from accessories, channels, hardware, and even the tiniest washer which is covered under warranty, and their in-house team for lifelong service, so Goodluck modular kitchen delivers the maximum best quality product that meets your budget.

Quality of their services

Three core features of their services are :


Over the years, they’ve learned how to design with precision, quality, and better space management.


They can provide product customization, resulting in strategic cost and consumption savings.


They provide transportation of their goods throughout India.


Some of their products are as follows :

A) Kitchen Cabinets

 Base Blind End

 Base Blind Gas Cylinder

 Base Cab

 Micro Cab

 Tall Unit

 Base Gas Cylinder

 Base Radius Open

 Base Sink

 Hob Base Cab

 Hood Cabinet


 Wall Console

 Wall Cab

 Wall L Cabinet

 Wall Champhor Corner

 Wall Champhor Unit

 Tambhor Shutter Cab

 Base Champhor Corner Cab

 Base Champor Open

B) Trolleys and accessories :

 Glass Holder Rail

 Detergent Pullout Fixed

 Glass Holder Rail

 Plate Basket

 Pole Unit

 Banana Stand

 Basin Basket

 Bin Holder

 Bottle Rack Basket

 Cylinder Trolley

 SS Fixed Single Pullout

 Hot Pot Stand Big

 Magic Corner Universal

 Multi-Purpose Rack

 Multi-Purpose 3in1 Rack

 Normal Cutlery

 Perproted Cutlery

 Cup & Saucer Basket

 Recipe Book Holder

 Double Rack

C) Home appliances

D) Kitchen design

E) Straight kitchen

F) I-l and kitchen

G) Parallel kitchen

H) Wardrobe modules

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Ownership Privately owned
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