Google announces accelerator Programme for women-led startups

Google announces accelerator

Tech tycoon Google launched a business acceleration program for female founders on Tuesday to help them with things like finance and hiring.

Google announced a startup acceleration program for female founders to help them overcome challenges like fundraising and recruiting. The launch party of ‘Google for Startups Accelerator – Women Founders of India’ will accept up to 20 female co-founders in the country and support them with a quarterly program.

Google said the program is part of a larger effort to improve the representation of women in different parts of India’s digitally-educated workforce – whether it’s entrepreneurship, professionals looking to improve their skills, or young graduates looking to get a head start in their careers, Google said. The goal is to make the technology universally relevant and useful, he added.

The industry-neutral program will focus on the early stage of an A-series initiative. One of the reasons for launching a Google-focused female founder was the sheer percentage of funds that went into these startups.

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