Government of India to put ban on plastic use from 1st July

1.Government of India to put a ban on plastic use from 1st July

Waste generated by plastic created major problems further like blockages in the sewage system, release of toxic chemicals, spread of diseases etc. In response to these concerns, India will begin banning single-use plastic on July 1st.

The directions for no use, not production, stock or sale of single-use plastic to all state boards, e-commerce websites, single-use plastic sellers and users are issued by CPCB.

Products like earbuds, flags, candy and ice-cream sticks, decorative thermacol, PVC banners less than 100 microns thick, stirrers, wrapping films, cups, glasses, and cutlery, among others are prohibited. Moreover, plastic carry bags less than 120 microns thick can be used from December 31 this year.

Violators will be treated action under the Environmental Protection Act including seizure of goods, levying of environmental compensation and closure of operation of industries or commercial establishment, stated CPCB.

The policy draft of the Delhi Environment department focuses on the use of alternatives of single-use plastic materials like paper bags, reusable glasses, bamboo or wooden bottles, edible cutleries made up of grains, pulses and millets etc.

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