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1. Yokeshwar, CEO- GOZO Virtual Experiences- The 10 Best Leaders in AR and VR Industry 2022

Creating a best version of virtual experince for e-gaming industry

India’s gaming market has shifted from coin-operated arcade games like “Tekken” in the arcade to gadgets like Nintendo, followed worldwide by PlayStation and Xbox. Online games have become an important part of the entertainment, and are becoming increasingly popular in India as the number of online gamers has increased a lot. According to the KPMG report, the number of online gamers in India increased from 250 million in 2018 to 400 million by mid-2020. The industry has grown tremendously over the past five years and is expected to triple in value. Reach $3.9 billion by 2025. More than 50% of India’s population is under 25 years old and 60% of domestic players are under 25 years old.

One of the main macroeconomic factors of this growth is the development of technological production infrastructure. In 2016, the launch of 4G services by employees guaranteed everyone high-speed internet and data at a lower cost. Furthermore, demonetization has led to the rapid development of digital payment infrastructure. The country has seen an increase in access to devices, including smartphones that are cheaper and equipped with more powerful devices to run games, giving the public access to the activity to play well.

Sir, how did you get the idea of creating a company that will provide virtual experience for entertainment as well as help improve brands?

 I have always been passionate about gaming as I spent most of my childhood playing video games so, I always wanted my first business to be something related to gaming. When it comes to video games, there is always this saying that it takes away physical activity. My vision was to change that and mix physical activity with video games and that was the vision behind starting Gozo Virtual Experiences.

What were the challenges in front of you while establishing Gozo?

 AR and VR are still very new concepts and at the time of starting it was nearly unknown to the common public, the major challenge for us was to make people understand our technology and make them enjoy the experience. Being a Gaming Cafe, getting a prime location plays a vital role in the success of the business; so finding a location that suits us was also a very big challenge for us. 

What is your company’s Vision & Goals?

Gozo’s vision has always been to encourage innovation and provide experiences to people that they would remember for a long time. Either be it getting inside a boxing ring and punching your heart out or getting inside a sports car and feeling the thrill of the race. We aim to provide experiences that many think it is not possible, they can never experience it in their real life so we want to give them the happiness of experiencing it through our virtual experiences.

What have you developed to date? 

We have several innovative experiences such as : 

 VR Car: Real-life-size car with real steering and pedals. 

 VR Boxing: Boxing Game where you need to punch in order to win the game. 

 VR Shooting: Zombie shooting game where you face a horde of zombies coming out and you shoot your way out of it

 VR Roller Coaster: For all the thrill-seekers now they can enjoy it whenever they want with our roller coaster experience 

 Horror Mystery Room: For all the horror fans out there, experience the thrill of escaping the darkness by solving puzzles.

How are you looking forward to the e-gaming industry and VR mixture?

It’s a very exciting time for the e-gaming industry as the advancement in technologies has made VR and AR to be more accessible to the public. There are openings for a lot of new innovative gaming experiences which would be more interactive and immersive than ever before.

We saw the Future Dining Experience section on your website. How did you think of such an amazing concept?

The idea behind the future dining experience was to improve the user engagement while they are waiting for their order to arrive, as well as provide businesses a USP to increase their revenue and attract more customers. With this, the businesses can share their story uniquely and reach their customers.

What kind of growth potential did you see in the AI & VR technology together?

AI and VR technology has improved a lot in recent years and are revolutionizing almost all major industries. Personally, I feel like the two main industries which will have a major impact are Education and Healthcare. With AI & VR together education can become intuitive and accessible to a wider range of people. In case of the healthcare industry, AI & VR will help doctors to perform virtual surgeries which could save lives and make a huge impact on the world.

How will you describe your academic life? What were your goals and ambition at that time?

My academic life was like any other Indian kid, I’m a huge fan of cricket as most of us are and spent most of my school days playing cricket on the streets. I have always been curious about technology and I used to explore a lot during my college days and that’s the reason I did my UG in B.Tech. I always wanted to bring ideas to life and hence I started to learn about Entrepreneurship and business thinking when I was doing my college. My goal at that time was to start my own company before turning 25 and fortunately, I was able to do that.

Covid19 has affected many companies around, what did you face in that period? What kind of solutions do you implement to survive?

Covid19 has been a huge issue for almost everyone and it’s the same for us. We had to close our Cafe completely for close to 6 months due to lockdown. We had to take measures to cut down our expenses and losses. We also needed to expand our social reach and post content on our social pages to make people engaged with our brand and be ready to provide new experiences to the people once they were back.

How are you planning to expand your business and technology?

We are planning to expand our business through the franchising model and are already in talks with a couple of interested investors. But due to covid19, it’s been hard for everyone and hence the expansion plan is moving more slowly than expected. With respect to technology, we are doing our initial research of bringing MR (Mixed reality) which would bring the most immersive gaming experience for people of all ages. 

There are reports where it states that Skilled individuals are the requirement of the market. What will be your words for the upcoming young talent in the IT field?

 With Covid19 forcing us to change the way we work, there are plenty of opportunities in the market right now and with the right talent and knowledge, anyone can be successful in the field. I would recommend anyone who wants to get into the IT field, understand how customers think and how business works instead of focusing only on the tech. Because we need to think about the customers and understanding how the product we build adds value to them and that’s very important to make an impact in the vastly crowded industry.

Website: https://www.gozoexperiences.com/

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