Green Grahi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

6. The Team - Green Grahi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - The 10 Most Promising Clean Tech Startups 2022

Better management solutions for solid-waste

GreenGrahi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a social enterprise working diligently to address Solid waste management challenges in India by bringing scientific know-how, state of art & innovative technological solutions, and training curriculum developed by the Indian & German Diaspora. They are a recognized startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. They are Pre-Incubated at TIDES IIT Roorkee and have also been an awardee of the prestigious Nidhi Prayas Grant. GG’s expertise ranges from conceptualizing, designing, implementing, and scaling up circular economy solutions in the waste sector, training & capacity building, and conducting zero-waste events.

GreenGrahi was founded by Ms. Shivali Sugandh, an International waste mgt. expert (an alumnus of TERI) and Mr. Siddharth Sharma, a Green technology expert (a BITS Pilani alumnus) with a vision to build a circular economy in Indian cities and combat climate change impacts.

As a team, they are having over 8 years of research and practical field experience in solid waste management, Green Grahi has built up considerable expertise in understanding and designing different types of waste treatment processes and techniques. From conceptualizing to decommissioning and remediation, they cater to their client’s needs in all possible ways.

Their advisory and consulting services extend beyond the end of pipe waste management by integrating concepts like circular economy, resource efficiency, lifecycle thinking, and social inclusion in their projects.

They provide comprehensive guidance to understand the opportunity cost of utilizing and disposing of their waste. They conduct waste management audits for companies to understand their waste type, generation pattern and help them develop the best possible ways of treating it. In this context, they also design state of an art waste management facilities for onsite handling and processing of solid waste generated.

Their Services:

  1. Waste Mgt. Consulting & Research
  2. Waste analysis.
  3. Technology Feasibility assessment & selection.
  4. Assessment of waste to energy potential.
  5. Market analysis/cost-benefit analysis.
  6. Waste mgt. system planning and implementation support.
  • Capacity Building & Training
  • Corporate/ community training on waste segregation and mgt.
  • Awareness programs in school, university, and public institutions.
  • Technical pieces of training at industrial sites and plants.
  • Zero Waste Events
  • Planning zero-waste weddings, carbon-neutral corporate events, and conferences.

Their Strengths:

  1. Dynamic & Intercultural Team: Their team’s diverse values, beliefs, and attitudes bring different ideas, problem-solving approaches, innovation, and creativity on board.
  • Application & Fact-Based: Their team has a rigorous applied research background where technologies are developed in practice, not limited to research papers.
  • State Of Art: Their proposed waste treatment processes & technologies consider advanced circular economy approaches that maximize resource efficiency and minimize waste.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is core to their working ethics which makes quality work and timeline adherence their top priority.

“Businesses, government, and educational institutions are putting forth best effort to reduce their environmental impact through policy, programs, training, technology implementation, etc.

Therefore, it becomes all the more important to adopt sustainable practices in everyday activities through meetings and conferences. Meetings, & conferences provide an excellent platform for exchanging ideas and know-how, identifying solutions, and reaching an agreement, through ‘face to face communication. However, they can leave a significant environmental footprint – by consuming energy, water, and other natural resources, generating waste, causing air pollution, indirectly contributing to soil and water pollution, and climate change through greenhouse gas emissions. 

They provide comprehensive support in organizing and implementing sustainable meetings and events that minimize potential negative impacts and leave a beneficial legacy for the hosting company. 

Their key strength is their highly qualified team and experienced partners in India (IIT Roorkee, TERI, CED) and in Germany (Institute of Sanitary Engineering, Leibniz University Hannover, U& I GmbH & ASCEND.ev) who help them stay ahead of the competition through innovative ideation, planning, and effective implementation.


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