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Green Ops Pvt. Ltd.: Solar energy company in Gujarat


Gurpreet Singh Walia Co-Founder, GreenOps

Gurpreet Singh Walia, a strong consulting professional with Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and MBA in Energy and Finance, is Co-Founder GreenOps. Before this he had been leading Consulting & EPC Operations at Gensol Group for the past 10 years. He was one of the six members on the Management Team.

While handling most of the key accounts and playing an instrumental role in scaling up Operations of the Group since 2011, he actively implemented core processes, ventured into international markets and explored niche and complex market segments within Solar Industry e.g. floating solar, airports etc. Gurpreet has been a speaker at many conferences positioning him as a thought leader in the Solar Technology.

Over his experience of 10 years at Gensol Group, he had been actively involved in building a team of more than 300 engineers and have mentored and contributed the highest number of members to group’s mid-level management. He along with his team has worked on more than 15 GW of solar projects and today arguably, they are the largest and most advanced consulting teams in Solar Energy space in India. His clients are some of the country’s largest IPPs, State Governments, Public Sector Companies and Private Equity Funds.

Apart from managing Operations & Tech Strategy, he was also actively involved in Fund Raise, Corporate Legal matters, Contract Management, Ecosystem Partnership Development and often contributing to groups’s strategic diversification; latest ones being 100% Electric Mobility Platform (Blu-Smart) and Clean Energy AI Powered SaaS platform (Prescinto)

About Green Ops

Why do we Exist?

We believe that every conscious business & individual wants to contribute meaningfully in world’s transition to sustainable energy.

The Future we want to help create?
Accelerate adoption of sustainable technologies by making industry expertise & trustworthy partners, easily accessible to anyone.

What’s our Mission?

Create holistic service offerings which equip our clients with accurate information and necessary resources for Solar PV systems of any scale.

“Green Ops provide end to end consulting services for Solar PV Systems of any scale including Feasibility, Engineering & Design, Project Management, Technical Due Diligence, Field Testing, Performance Management and Re-Powering. Visit our website for more details on each of the service.”

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