Green parks are essential for cities

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People residing in small towns or villages of India are living in the surrounding of nature. Greenspace has a positive effect on our brain. Talking about the health of a city and its residents has become a crucial topic for every administrative authority as well as its residents. We will be discussing some of the points that remark the importance of green surroundings in human life and urban space. 

Climate Change & Extreme weather events

Effects of climate change, have started affecting every individual’s life directly or indirectly. Whether it’s economically strong nations like the USA & UK or economically weak like African or South American nations. Every country is facing one or more climate disasters like megafloods, frequent cyclones, droughts, volcanic eruptions, and a few more. The reason behind this quick change in the climate is in front of us. 

We, humans, have made great strides in technology and continue to improve our technology to make our lives easier. Numerous studies and reports indicate that if the economy were not slowed down, it would wreak havoc on life on Earth. As the ocean suddenly rises due to melting glaciers in the polar region, millions of people suffer and must be relocated.

Urban Heat Island Effect

Many urban plants also help prevent what is known as the heat effect. Urban areas without greenery and large urban structures become “islands” with warmer temperatures compared to remote areas. Daytime temperatures in the city are about 1 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit higher in the suburban area, and nighttime temperatures are about 2 to 5 degrees warmer than in the suburban area.

Experts say, these incidents pose a threat to health as they undermine existing conditions and lead to emergencies and illnesses such as disabilities, asthma, and strokes. Additional air conditioning is not the solution. It is energy-intensive and expensive. But in addition to absorbing air pollution and pollution, more green space in cities can reduce air temperature, thereby reducing the temperature of islands.

Researcher says

It’s a nice feeling around lush trees and basking in the sun, but why?

Some researchers find that green spaces promote better living and better relationships. Both are knowledgeable about improving health and well-being in many settings. A beautiful green public space also promotes social cohesion, promotion of mental health through social interaction and community awareness.

But other research shows that we have certain idiosyncrasies for healthy greens. According to the Safety Code, our daily life often surprises us, which can make us feel bad. But the stimulation of nature provides a restorative environment that relieves fatigue.

Green effects

Indian cities are getting populated and the rising population is attracting pollution. In India, land has been utilized, mostly for constructing a house and commercial spaces. Very few have understood the importance of city parks and green land in the urban area which keeps city air clean and breathable for many. 

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, parks boost our mood and keep our minds calm. It is our core responsibility to maintain the balance between economic growth and ecological surrounding. We are the ones who reside in cities and are responsible for the heat effect. The moment of joy that we had in our childhood, should be passed on to the upcoming generation by creating green space around to gather and integrate. 

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