Greenway Health: Discover your Path to Financial Health


What is Greenway Health?

Greenway Health, a company contributing in the EHR software solutions with multiple services in offering. They are dedicated to provide the best-in-class solutions to their clients. With EHR software they also provide Practice Management softwares in 30+ specialty. Greenway Health is a future driven company providing best software solutions to their clients. It is not just about health reports and medical records; company focuses on Financial Health as well. Making the procedure easy for patients as well as hospitals & practitioners for creating health records is not acceptable for them. They strive to deliver more and create a better ecosystem. With the existing softwares company also provides revenue cycle management solution in order to accept the payment from patients in a hassle-free manner. It is one of the best offerings to the client as it fills the gap of financial records in the medical and health sector.

Collaboration of Innovative Technology & Medical Science

Greenway Health’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform Intergy offers a user friendly, specialty focused EHR solution for ambulatory healthcare practices. The cloud based Intergy EHR platform supports the functions of practice, enabling financial success and restoring the focus on patient care. The EHR solution provided is designed according to your specialty. So, whether you practice primary care, pediatrics, or any other specialty it has features tailored according to your unique requirement.

The EHR has user-friendly interface, different types of templates/forms, encourage patient’s involvement, practice analytics which helps to boost revenue by talking actions on insights, interoperability; helping gain visibility and access through wide information exchange connection. And many more feature to add like 2015 ONC Health IT Certified solution, PDMP checking within the workflow, integrated speech-to-text, clinical alerts, simple scheduling, easy-to-navigate documentation.

Greenway Health has created a positive impression on their client by providing accurate solution as per their needs. Many of the clients have responded in a positive manner about Greenway Revenue Services (GRS). Let’s hear it from some of their clients:

“Greenway Revenue Services allows us to give bonuses, invest in our infrastructure, and look at new locations for expansion.”

            –Xavier Anderson, General Manager, Valley day & Night Clinic

“Greenway spent a lot of time understanding what we do. Our experience with Greenway has been 100% positive. They’ve helped us to do a complete 180 degree turnaround in our billing department. Having Greenway on our side is a blessing.”

            –Marie Anderson, Practice Manager, Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster

What’s on Offer?

Greenway has nine software solutions in their portfolio which covers more than thirty specialties. Greenway Health’s EHR platform Intergy offers solutions for high-performing ambulatory health care practices. The list consists of:

“Ambulatory Care Clinic, Billing Service, Cardiology, Community Health Center, Family/General practice, FQHC, Gastroenterology, Independent/Group practice, Independent Practice Association (IPA), Internal Medicine.

Multi-Specialty, Nephrology, Neurological Surgery, Neurology, OB-GYN, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology (ENT), Pain Management, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Primary Care, Private practice, Public Health, Pulmonary, Rural Health Centre (RHC), surgery, Tribal health, Urgent Care, Urology.” If you find your specialty missing from the above list you may add your specialty by simply contacting Greenway Health on their mail.

Your Challenge is Their Challenge

Being a medical practitioner you might face multiple challenges which could be like accounts maintenance, record keeping, cybersecurity and few more such. You’ve got covered from such issues which could hamper your service to patients. Greenway Health helps you in maintaining Patient care & maintaining record, Profitability, Compliance and Reporting, Workflow Efficiency, Cybersecurity for healthcare practices, and Government regulations.

Industry Information Technology & Services
Company Size 1001 – 5000 employees
Headquarter Tampa, FLS
Type Privately held
Founded on 1977

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