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Innovative engineering approach to create new benchmarks

Greyspace Engineering Services is an exceptional organization with a team of expert civil and structural designers who are well versed in European, British, American, and Indian engineering standards. They provide civil and structural drafting and detailing services for both concrete and steel buildings, mostly in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors and the oil and gas and modular building sectors.

Value improvements in Rebar detailing and Structural detailing are always preferred by us as they save their clients’ money. They strongly believe that customer satisfaction and happiness are dependent on the on-time delivery of high-quality work. They guarantee to provide our best services at all times!

what they specialize in:

Skill development through continuous learning helps them to broaden their engineering knowledge and enhance their software capabilities. They also have vast experience in the drafting, modeling, and detailing of reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, pre-engineered buildings, composite buildings, and modular buildings. They have experience with the following software packages for 2D detailing and 3D modeling:

  1. AutoCAD
  2. Cads RC, RebarCAD
  3. Auto Rebar
  4. Revit
  5. Advance Steel
  6. Tekla

Why Choose them?

  • Miscellaneous Skills: They have worked in diverse fields and specialize in engineering across diverse work cultures.
  • Expertise Team: Their expert team members are provided with adequate comprehensive training so that they can utilize their skills to handle the tasks adequately and appropriately.
  • Extensive Experience: A person becomes an expert after acquiring sufficient knowledge in the relevant field. We have experts to handle the project activities.
  • Collaboration Approach: Their leadership and team spirit at work help Them complete tasks and achieve Their goals.
  • Quality Control: They have an efficient quality assurance team to ensure that their deliverables meet the highest possible standards.

At Greyspace, their most qualified team based in India, as well as the Netherlands, is ready to provide engineering services for concrete and steel buildings to build strong structures. Most of their engineers have more than 10 years of experience which drives them to tackle projects in a specialized way and come up with the most efficient solutions.

Their renowned service over the years has resulted in many happy and satisfied customers. Furthermore, they are committed to assisting their clients throughout the process and rendering drawings till the complete finalization and implementation of the project.

They have acquired most of the software packages and have exceeded their engineering standards so that they can work with your needs. Their guidance on the best strategy and tools to use helps the customer in getting the optimum solution. Based on your assessment and prior written consent, they will send you an invoice for the delivered work each week, so that you can keep your expenses under control and stay financially healthy, and therefore be a safe and stable partner.


Their goal is to build the future by integrating our team’s skills and knowledge sharing to offer a customized, successful approach. Its vision is to be a widely accepted and valued engineering services firm that truly creates the largest and newest solutions for all civil engineering needs.

They are passionate and committed to meeting the deadline while maintaining good quality. They value trust, integrity, honesty, and cooperation with their team, customers, and partners. Their assorted group of talented and versatile engineering professionals provide cost-effective drafting, modeling, and detailing services.


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